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Error occurs in the template of component ShowTaskComponent in Angular 12

I hope you are all doing well and thank you in advance. Actually, I’m new to Angular and I got this error. Let me share the screenshots one by one which will get you a clear idea. Screenshot1) Error- File Structure – show-task-component.ts Screenshot2) show-task-component.html Here in omponent html file, I just want to display […]

By prakash madariya
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What’s the problem with this angular ts code for implementing floating label input onfocus?

I am trying to float the labels onfocusing input in angular. I did wrote code to perform the action of a class to be applied on focusing the input, & then focus out to check empty value or values present, to remove the applied class. forms.component.html <div class="forms-field-box"> <div class="forms-field-inp-box"> <input id="forms_field_inp_fn" class="forms-field-inp" type="text" (focus)=inpAnim();> […]

By TeckgeekARJ
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Ng multiselect dropdown showing options as blank?

I’m trying to implement a basic multiselect dropdown to my project. My code is the following: HTML <ng-multiselect-dropdown [settings]="searchSettings" [data]="dummyList" multiple> </ng-multiselect-dropdown> TS dummyList = [ { item_id: 1, item_text: ‘Mumbai’ }, { item_id: 2, item_text: ‘Bangaluru’ }, { item_id: 3, item_text: ‘Pune’ }, { item_id: 4, item_text: ‘Navsari’ }, { item_id: 5, item_text: ‘New […]

By benmessi12040
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angular formGroup not rendering

For some reason everything i put inside a <form></form> doesn’t get rendered. When i pull the labels and input fields outside of the form tags they show up on the webpage. HMTL text here <form [formGroup]="blogForm" (ngSubmit)="onSubmit()"> <label for="title">title: </label> <input id="title" type="text" formControlName="title"> <label for="subText">subText: </label> <input id="subText" type="subText" formControlName="subText"> <label for="blogText">blogText: </label> <input […]

By Mitchel Abrahams
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Download angular site

I want to download and save myself a site page, as I understand it, angular type. Looking at the source code, I see an empty body and javascripts. As I understand it, the data is somehow loaded from somewhere after a second. Is it possible to get the real page of the site with all […]

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