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Table does not show all lines with ngFor-Angular 11

I’m trying to create a table to show dates of the week, everyday has his own available appointments, but I don’t know why if the array has 9 records, the table shows only 3 and I can see in the image how the table looks truncated: result The Html code is: <table> <colgroup span="6" width="100"></colgroup> […]

By Perez Ch
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Merging collection and sub collection observables in Angularfire

I have integrated stripe into my firebase project (Firestore) which through web hooks adds and updates the products I have setup in Stripe to the firestore database. To display available products I have an observable which is subscribed in the template using async pipe. This all works fine, however, each product document in the products […]

By Ant
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Look for value in a table column that is made up of two database fields

I have a table column composed in Angular in the following way: <tr *ngFor="let activity of"> <td data-cy="employee-cell"> {{ activity.employee.lastName }} {{ activity.employee.firstName }} </td> My research is implemented like this: export function activityEmployeesFilterFn( entities: ActivityEmployee[], { query }: { query: string } ): ActivityEmployee[] { return query ? entities.filter( (e) => -1 < […]

By Man24
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Subject vs BehaviorSubject in Angular

I am passing data between 2 independent components using shared service. When I used a subject in my shared service, I could not see the subscribed data in html of the subscribed component but could see it in the console after subscribing. Whereas if I use Behaviorsubject, it worked fine. Can anyone explain me the […]

Angular 11 Unit test for chart.js: Error: Not implemented: HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.getContext (without installing the canvas npm package)

I am writing tests using Jest for components which uses chart.js to create a line chart. My chart is working totally fine but I am not able to write tests as I am getting the below error: console.error Error: Not implemented: HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.getContext (without installing the canvas npm package) at module.exports (D:chartsnode_modulesjsdomlibjsdombrowsernot-implemented.js:9:17) Does anyone know how […]

By Kuldeep Tiwari
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