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How to access dynamic array and get key-value pairs using ng-repeat

I’m trying to retrieve data from json object for ionic mobile application. But the problem is inside that object has an array this array includes a set of objects. I need to get the key and value pairs from those set of objects, I tried following code to achieve that. <ion-item ng-repeat=”form in forms”> <ion-item> {{form.Form_Group_Name}} </ion-item> <ion-item> <label class=”item item-input item-stacked-label colone-input” ng-repeat=”(key, value) in form.items”> <span class=”input-label”>{{key}}</span> <input type=”text” value=”{{ value }}” placeholder=”First […]

using mgcrea.ngStrap – AngularJS

I am having a discussion with my colleague, who is emphasizing on using $(‘#createModal’).modal(‘show’); instead of the above plugin. I am creating the modal via code below: $scope.createModal = $modal({ scope: $scope, template: ‘/reports/static/partials/schedule-modal.html’, show: true }) Which apparently does not inherit style sheets of bootstrap, like background color is different, when I create modal in this way. Could You please kindly advise, why have you preferred using mgcrea.ngStrap to create the modal and not […]

Ionic 3 – check if location is enabled

I am trying to do a few things in one. The first thing I am trying to do is get the device location. On android, it prompts to grant the app permission to access location, which is all good. I am trying to check if the device has the location turn on and if no, I will like to prompt the user to do so using switchToLocationSettings(). The issue I am having is when I […]

Browserify + angular-fullpage.js

I have an application that relies on Browserify. I am trying to add the angular-fullpage.js module to my application but am having trouble. This is what my Package.JSON looks like: “browser”: { “fullpage”: “./node_modules/fullpage.js/dist/fullpage.min.js”, “angular-fullpage.js”: “./node_modules/angular-fullpage.js/angular-fullpage.min.js” }, “browserify-shim”: { “fullpage.js”: { “exports”: “fullpage”, “depends”: “jquery” }, “angular-fullpage.js”: { “exports”: “angular.module(‘fullPage.js’).name”, “depends”: “fullpage.js” } } I require the module in the AngularJS application using require(‘angular-fullpage.js’) When I run the application, I get: Failed to instantiate module […]

Safari and the way it calculates screen size

I know the mods are going to mark this down and shoot me. But here we go. I read an article once, and can only remeber bits of it. It was in regards to the way (excuse the termonlogy it may be incorrect) safari calculates image size or screen render size (or something) of the document afer the dom (i think) is loaded compared to other browsers which do this before. Now i wish i […]

AngularJS Binding Data

So i have a productList and cart where i store products, when i add product to cart(localStorage), products count must async refreshed, but it refreshed only with refreshing a page (this is about goodsInCart). Maybe it needed to adding EventListener? Please tell me where i was wrong. products.html <div ng-controller=”ProductController”> <div class=”container”> <h1 class=”page-header”>Product List</h1> <div class=”small-cart”> <a href=”#!/cart”> <span class=”amount”>{{goodsInCart}}</span> <img class=”cart” src=”./images/cart_2.png”> </a> </div> <div class=”row”> <div class=”item col-sm-6 col-md-4 col-lg-3″ ng-repeat=”product in […]

Use Laravel and Angularjs Routing at once

I am working on an E-Commerce WebApp. In which I am using Laravel for the backend and Angularjs for the front end. But the problem it when I click on specifc navigation item it will work fine but when I reload the page,It will go for laravel routing and all me css, js, images etc. will not loaded properly. Laravel Code : Route::get(‘/’, function () { return view(‘index’); }); Route::get(‘/dashboard’, function () { return view(‘dashboard’); […]

Protractor: How to use browser.sleep inside of element.all(locator).each(eachFunction)

Expecting: elem[0] text to print, sleep, elem[1] text to print, sleep, etc… Actual: is printing out the text for each element then executing browser.sleep once at the end. Once I get this working I would like to actually click on each link and assert a corresponding profile page is loaded. I should also mention that I have SELENIUM_PROMISE_MANAGER: false and am using mocha describe.only(‘clicking each user in the list’, () => { it(‘should display the […]

Angular Universal – EmptyError: no elements in sequence

I’ve been trying to integrate Angular Universal with my app and it has been a big big struggle. We already fixed a lot of issues but we are already stuck on this one for 2 days now. Any help is really appreciated. So the build runs fine, the error only occurs when we try to launch the website. This is the error: EmptyError: no elements in sequence at new EmptyError (C:Projectsbeatstars-marketplace-v2distserver.js:147171:28) at C:Projectsbeatstars-marketplace-v2distserver.js:147226:518 at Object.complete […]

how to put ng-show conditions in a function in .js file

I am trying to validate a webpage where the inputs will be alphanumeric, max-length is 45 and unique. Here is the code. Is there any way that I could put all these three ng-show conditions in one function in my controller.js (something like $scope.showError ()) and only call that function in ng-show here form name=”addFieldForm” .w-100 .pv3.w-100.w-two-thirds-ns label What type of field would you like to add to your input? select name=”type” ng-model=”field.type.value” ng-options=”type.value as […]

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