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Ionic/Angular page not update

I use Ionic 5 and angular .My page bind to an object((Person)).when I select data from websql my object is update but page is not update until I click menu or other control //this code is in my component in the click button //jsonData initial jsonData[“SelectFunctionInSuccess”] = (result)=>{ this.Person.Id = result[0].Id; this.Person.Code = result[0].Code; this.Person.Name […]

By Hasan
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How to fix "Cannot read property of undefined" Angular/Ionic?

I am new in ionic and I working on an ongoing project. I am getting undefined this.variable name. If anyone knows the exact issue then please guide me where I am wrong. I know it’s a very silly mistake done by me. Declare variable here export class ListPage implements OnInit, OnDestroy { public guideCategory: GuideCategoryModel; […]

By Robin Singh
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Ionic, read the Web SQL storage with javascript

I’m doing a migration to a new indexedDB database name. I manage to read data from the older one and transfer them to the newest but I realized that, on former version of Ionic, the @ionic/storage did store the data into the Web SQL database. I’m trying to retrieve those data but I cannot make […]

By Rapha l Balet
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How to add a new column to an existing table with websql

I have an android app (created with cordova) that is already live and in use. There are some data being stored on the device database. I have to make an update that requires an additional column to one of the tables in the database. I want to add the new column without the need to […]

By Thabo Ketlhaetse
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Why can’t display data that has been stored in WebSQL?

What’s wrong with my function? function getCart can’t display data stored in WebSQL. But my function addToCart works and can store data to WebSQL. Please help me if you know my false. angular.module(‘login’).factory(‘CartService’, [‘$webSql’, ‘$http’, ‘$q’, ‘urls’, function ($webSql, $http, $q, urls) { var factory = { initdb: initdb, addToCart: addToCart, getCart: getCart }; var […]

By Cesar Wahyu
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