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Category: web-services

Secure way to send a mail via a (Restful) Webservice

I have a AngularJS Webapplication with Java Backend. Now i want to send a mail out of the Angular Application. I thought the best way is to send a post or get request to the webservice and send the Mail via an internal smtp server to the recipient. But i think there is a big security problem with this concept. When i create a webservice call like: /api/[email protected] someone can take the link to the […]

Monitor Changes to a Database and Update List

I’m developing a web app to deal with video editing jobs. It has 3 different interfaces:a web browser interface, a mobile app and a desktop app, and they all consume the same web service. The desktop interface is a widget-like app and its only function is to list unfinished jobs. It’s implemented in C#/WPF, and it already lists jobs I want, by doing a GET Http Request to my Web Service. However, if a new […]