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filtering in an ng-repeat from JSON response

I’ve got a question about filtering within a ng-repeat. But this isn’t a simple question since I’m not really having a problem that needs a solution. In this case, i’m looking for the best possible answer that doesn’t require a lot of code but still does the trick as to how I want it to. It will become more clear in my description. a short introduction: So I’m currently working on a shopping application. The […]

Select specific values from json_decode in php

I’ve stumbled on a problem that i think is a bit strange since i’ve followed other examples to the exact code but i still didn’t get the same result. Short summary I’m developing a shopping application and i’m using a session for the cart. Since i want to have the possibility to remove items from the cart i am using some levels inside the JSON object of the session. Cart summary The cart is created […]

Angular JS Application falied to load the data from Web Service

I am consuming web service into angular js application .In side the web service i am invocking a method to get the all the list of employees but i got following errors in Google chrome console windows and its not displaying the records .. angular.min.js:sourcemap:123 Error: transition superseded at $StateProvider.$get (angular-ui-router.js:2903) angular.min.js:sourcemap:123 Error: transition aborted at Object.invoke (angular.min.js:sourcemap:44) “Possibly unhandled rejection: {}” angular.min.js:123 Error: [$injector:unpr] $state.transition.resolved.then.$state.transition @ angular-ui-router.js:3352 angular.min.js:123 Error: [$injector:unpr]$injector/unpr?p0=%24routeProvider%20%3C- $state.transition.resolved.then.$state.transition @ angular-ui-router.js:3352 […]

How to paginate in angular to display that i have reached the end of the blog?

If I click on loadnextPosts and the pageno exceeds the pagesize, it shouldn’t load any posts or it should alert that I have reached the last page. I do not know the logic for it to work. When I click on loadnextposts, it just keeps on incrementing the pagesize and when the number of posts is exceeded it keeps on incrementing. I want it to alert me that I have reached the end of the […]

Join 2 webservices in client side or server side

I am working as service developer. My web-service have support 2 method: get a student by student id and get class by student id. Web UI actually need a data that is a student with class information embedded in. So I need to query student by id then keep in student variable, then query class by student id then classbyStudent. Then try to embed the class variable to the student variable. So Where I should […]

How to consume html value of rest web service response in angular js

i am consuming the restful web service and i got value in the format of html div tag, how to handle it in angular js and display same one in the view part Here is the response reponse : { “results”: [ { “location”: “<div class=”ExternalClass5F47052A5E8540409190A07B0D2A376F”><p>abcddd</p></div>”, “Status”: “0”, “Comments”: null, }, { “location”: “<div class=”ExternalClass7013B125F9C148559C1DF779BDF05553″>xyzz</div>”, “Status”: “0”, “Comments”: null, } ] } Source: AngularJS

Secure way to send a mail via a (Restful) Webservice

I have a AngularJS Webapplication with Java Backend. Now i want to send a mail out of the Angular Application. I thought the best way is to send a post or get request to the webservice and send the Mail via an internal smtp server to the recipient. But i think there is a big security problem with this concept. When i create a webservice call like: /api/[email protected] someone can take the link to the […]

Monitor Changes to a Database and Update List

I’m developing a web app to deal with video editing jobs. It has 3 different interfaces:a web browser interface, a mobile app and a desktop app, and they all consume the same web service. The desktop interface is a widget-like app and its only function is to list unfinished jobs. It’s implemented in C#/WPF, and it already lists jobs I want, by doing a GET Http Request to my Web Service. However, if a new […]