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web service is called several times

I have a web service which is called 3 times and I don’t know why ? This is the web service WLOLBLOK. I would like to call this web service once time only. file.service.ts getInstrumentBlockDetail(portfolioID, svm) { var payload = { "HEADER":, "CUSTOMER": { "REFERENCE": portfolioID, "ID": "", "INTITULE1": "", "INTITULE2": "", "ACCESS": 0, […]

By almokhadi
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How to fill a table with data from service in Angular Material?

I’m trying to create a table with information returned from a service. The problem is that the only row shown is the last one in the list returned by the service. Code from list.component.ts import { Component, OnInit } from ‘@angular/core’; import { DepartamentoService } from ‘../../_service/departamento.service’; export interface Items{ idItem: number; nameItem: string; } […]

By Daniel
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How to integrate wordpress with angular from scratch [closed]

Hello I am trying to learn angular. I have a website in wordpress. And I need to integrate this wordpress website in angular so that i can create the angular app from scratch, consume web service with the angular app and save the service in wordpress. I also want the wordpress site to be used […]

By kunal dhanandhare
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How to get Oauth Token in angular using http client

I am automation engineer and creating a dashboard where i need to call API’s that require oauth token. i tried finding on the web for an example retrieving oauth token using angular but that didn’t help much. I am looking for any example or article how to retrieve oauth token using http client using angular. […]

By syed naveed
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Disable sign-up in runtime (Angular + NestJS)

I’m developing a back-end (NestJS) and front-end (Angular) that, after the installation (no user in the database), it allows the adminitrator to sign up through the sign-up form. After the sign-up of the administrator, the application shall not allow other users to sign up, only by invitation from the administrator. I’m struggaling to figure out […]

By Gustavo Salom o
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Angular, spring, uploading files via HTTP is sent twice (OPTION + POST)

I’m trying to upload files to server (WS Spring) from httpClient (Angular), before each Http request the front-end send an OPTION request, the problem is when uploading heavy files it will take a double time. Question: is there any way to disable or send the OPTION Request with empty body? Source: Angular Questions

Connection failed in webrtc mean application

While using webrtc I got the error: Uncaught Error: Connection failed. at c._onConnectionStateChange (scripts.ad2fcc7dbf98a622da2d.js:1) at RTCPeerConnection._pc.onconnectionstatechange My ice config : configuration = { "iceServers": [{ "urls": "" }, { url: ‘turn:’, credential: ‘JZEOEt2V3Qb0y27GRntt2u2PAYA=’, username: ‘28224511:1379330808’ } ]} P.s. Error is occuring and while devices are connected with same and different network. I am using SimplePeer: […]

pass a form object to http delete method using Angular

I have a form object on the server side and on the UI side in sync. I use this form object to specify the values using which some server side computation takes place. For example the simplest form declaration is export interface EmployeeForm { name:string; id:number; } The corresponding Java class class EmployeeForm { String […]

By Raman
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Angular data not loading

Angular also goes into the "first" place when I get data from the service. However, without clicking any button on the page, it does not enter the place where I write "second". GetAllVessels(){ alert(‘first’); this.AllVessels=this.http.get<Vessel[]>(this.baseUrl+’Vessel/GetAllVessels’,httpOptions).pipe( map((result: Vessel[]) => { console.log(result); alert(‘second’); return result; }) ); Source: Angular Questions

By Gunseli
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Angular Service Data Not Loading

I have an Angular project. Data from the service is loaded when I click somewhere. For example, when I delete a row in the table, it is successfully deleted in the background. However, if I click any button on the page, it gets deleted. The data I received with get is loaded and lost. When […]

By Gunseli
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