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Web app calling an other web app

i’m currently working on two different web apps, one in angular5 and the other one in angularjs/python with two different databases. My boss asked me to make a link between those apps, the databases doesn’t need to communicate between each other. The best option for me would be to setup a button in the angular5 app which will call the other webapp. I just have no idea of what’s possible because i never used angular5 […]

Ui router browser refresh

I have an Angular 1.x project with the following configuration: Html root: <base href=”/admin/” /> <div ui-view=”mainView”> State provider config: config([‘$stateProvider’, function ($stateProvider) { $stateProvider .state(‘cats_state’, { url: ‘cats’, views: { ‘mainView’: { templateUrl: ‘/app/components/cats/cats.html’ } } }) .state(‘dogs_state’, { url: ‘dogs’, views: { ‘mainView’: { templateUrl: ‘/app/components/dogs/dogs.html’ } } }) }]) The cats_state and dogs_state states are associated with urls that are relative to /admin/ path and they load a specific html template on […]

angularjs – mdchips (md-enable-chip-edit and md-add-on-blur) Not working version – 1.5.11

I am using this (md-enable-chip-edit and md-add-on-blur) attribute in md-chips tag code, but not working properly. How can chips add to md-chips automatically when user type phrases and leave edit box without pressing ENTER button and how to make chips editable ? anularjs version – 1.5.11 Code sample: <form> <md-chips placeholder=”Press ENTER to add more phrases” ng- model=”ai.questions” md-removable=”true” md-enable-chip- edit=”true” md-add-on-blur=”true” md-create-chip-onblur=”true” md-no-cache=”true” tabindex=”-1″ style=””> </md-chips> </form> Source: AngularJS

Cannot fetch photo from database using restful api

Im trying to fetch photo of a particular userId which is stored in the database, Im able to generate response from the API as shown: but it is received in the error part of the getPhotopath() method of controller as shown: HTML: <div class=”col-md-3 ” ng-init=”modifyphoto()” > <img class=”smaller” ng-src=”fetchedimg” ng-model=”fetchedimg”><br> <p>{{userName}}</p> <div ng-model=”userType”> <p>{{userType | UserFilter}}</p> </div> <div ng-controller=”AskController”> <button class=”btn btn-default” ng-click=”gotouserdetails()”>View My Details</button> </div> </div> Controller: $scope.modifyphoto = function() { $scope.getPhotoPath(); if($scope.userPhoto==null){ […]

How to call the $firebaseArray in the cloud function of firebase

So in my angular JS web app, I have a function that calls on a node in the firebase database called orderedPlayers and returns it as an array as follows: $firebaseArray(orderedPlayers) .$loaded(function(loadedPlayers) { // function in here }); When attempting to do something similar in the cloud function I am experiencing problems. Is there a way to return the the players node as an array? I know i can access the database as follows: admin.database().ref(‘orderedPlayers’); […]

Reference Error: System Not Defined [404 on JS Resources in index.html]

how to Reference Error: System Not Defined [404 on JS Resources in index.html] I’m setting up an Angular 5 project I have a server that’s listening to port: 3001, and when I access localhost:3001/app/index.html, I receive a bunch of reference errors pointing towards the js resources in index.html which say that they cannot be found. The src path seems to be right. 1.Directory structure: /app |–/src |–index.html /node_modules tsconfig.json systemjs.config.js 2.index.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> […]

Twilio/Nexmo or any SMS api based webchat

I need to build MVP, a simple web chat window which can receive text messages using twilio or nexmo SMS Api. Can some one please help me understand what the architecture diagram will look like ? I have the chat window using HTML CSS and angular, whats next where do I start with backend ? Greatly appreciate any guidance. Source: AngularJS

Creating a Webapp for mobile phones with python and firebase [on hold]

Two friends and I have an idea for an app that we would like to create ourselves. We have basic programming abilities regarding python, vba, html, javascript, css and sql. We wanted to create the app with firebase as our main foundation. The app we want to create should be a webapp that runs on browsers and on smartphones. To be honest, we do not know what the best approach is. We don’t have the […]

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