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Wcf service with Angular js

I am currently working on wcf project and i am trying to consume in angular js and Windows Form Application. I got some questions to ask … 1. I have wcf self hosted in console application and i defined 4 end point. Is it possible one end point can interact with webhttpbindding and others with net.tcpbindding?? 2. For Windows From Application i want to use net.tcpbindding to communicate with wcf service and webhttpbindding will communicate […]

The Element behavior has invalid child “crossOriginResourceSharingBehavior”

I am consuming Wcf as Rest Service in Angular Js Application. I hosted it in Console Application . I added a Class to able to access GET ,POST , DELETE operation. I got following error in app.config file …When I run the Application its works but I cannot do the GET ,POST,DELETE operation. **The Element behavior has invalid child “crossOriginResourceSharingBehavior”** Here is My Class named as CORSEnablingBehavior public class CORSEnablingBehavior : BehaviorExtensionElement, IEndpointBehavior { public […]

The Element behavior has invalid child "crossOriginResourceSharingBehavior"

I am consuming wcf service into Angular Js Application and I hosted it in Console Application . I created wcf project by using class library project .I am trying to create user registration system but I got following errors…when I click the submit button .. angular.js:12701 OPTIONS http://localhost:8080/AddUser 405 (Method Not Allowed) (anonymous) @ angular.js:12701 q @ angular.js:12446 (anonymous) @ angular.js:12198 (anonymous) @ angular.js:17000 $digest @ angular.js:18182 $apply @ angular.js:18480 (anonymous) @ angular.js:27290 kg @ […]

Rest Wcf Service Method not Allowed 405 (Method Not Allowed)

I am consuming Wcf Service in Angular Js Application .I created my wcf service into class library project and I hosted it into Console Application .My service will be access able in localhost:8080 in this base address. I also added a class called Gobal.cs to accept Get, Put , Post etc. operation .I am also useig a local class to encrypt the user password .I trying to creating user registration system by postring username and […]