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VueJs within AngularJs – How to stop AngularJs from intercepting VueJs-specific routes

I maintain a (legacy) large scale ecommerce web app (built with AngularJS) and I’m rebuilding it from scratch with VueJs. The two apps have to co-exist unfortunately (until all existing features are rewritten in VueJs), meaning as I rebuild features on VueJs, we migrate users to that new component (or page, or feature) instead of the legacy one. There’s no issues doing that, i can setup config files etc to setup routing from component to […]

How to access variables handled by angularjs, using vuejs?

I have an angularjs project and I’m trying to create a page made in angular, using Vuejs. I’ve been reading vuejs‘s documentation but I can’t quite figure out how to handle the variables used with angular inside my .twig file. For instance, if I have something like this: <section id=”ProjectController”> <div class=”list-default list-lg”> <a class=”animated fade-in-right” v-for=”project in projects” ng-href=”{% verbatim %}{{ project.url }}{% endverbatim %}”> <project project-on-delete=”onDelete” project-show-delete-action=”true” project-allow-delete=”project.ownerId ==” project-show-progress=”true” project-show-status=”true”></project> </a> […]

From jQuery to Webpack, NPM, Angular, SASS, Gulp, ES6, etc

I am not sure how to ask this to be honest, but I’ll give it a shot. So for many years I had worked with HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP. Without a tertiary education I taught myself web development many years ago and was eventually able to earn a living and kind of get out of a bad situation and build a slightly better life. In essence, I got into web development out of a […]

How to make a scrollable submenu or go to that section if you are in a different page with laravel & angular

I am wondering if the following can be done: Have a navbar that looks like this: and have it scroll to any of the sections on the dropdown menu (i.e. Testimonials) and if you are in a different page like Contact, then go to the About page and scroll to Testimonials. Can this be done with Vue or Angular? Is this a bad practice? Should I just remove the submenu and let users scroll down […]

Progressively migrate from angularJS to nuxt

I want to Progressively migrate from “angular” to “nuxt” I got the reference for “angular js” to “vue js” This works good. Similar to above link, is there any reference on how to progressively migrate from “angular js” to “nuxt”? Source: AngularJS

Loop variables in Vue.js similar to AngularJS

I my vue.js application I want to know the last repeated element in a v-for directive. I know there is something similar in angularjs with the $last loop variable in its ngRepeat directive: <div ng-repeat=”(key, value) in myObj”> <span ng-if=”$last”>Shows if it is the last loop element</span> </div> Is there any equivalent in vue.js which I am not aware of or do I have to implement some own logic? Source: AngularJS

Modern Web development framework [on hold]

I have been developing web apps using HTML5/CSS/Jquery/Oracle web server/ REST(Oracle). I see many new modern web frameworks like Angular, React, Vue etc. 1) Which one should I choose so that web apps work across multiple devices like desktop, iPad, mobile etc? 2) Frameworks that have IDE with drag and drop (declarative way)? Thanks for your help! Source: AngularJS

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