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Category: vue.js

Best Practices for SPA (frontend in common) without backend [on hold]

Today I began to learn how to bake the frontend of web applications. I’m backend developer and I’m used to getting layouts from frontend developers or just being asked about API specifications. I know HTML5, JavaScript (jQuery, Vue) and CSS3 on a sufficient level. But I’m confused about frontend architecture and more about how to create SPA applications without backend. Can you share some good practices how to mock API requests and in general, how […]

What is best alternative to Java applets for performing Digital Signatures

We were using java applets to digitally sign the document. As we know that java applets has been deprecated in almost all the browsers we have migrated to Jnlp. Now with jnlp we are facing multiple downloads issue(Each time user has to download the jnlp file), since our web application contains multiple file uploads, each time downloading is not a good way. Can anyone suggest a good way to implement digital signatures in AngularJs or […]

App language: state or setting?

Should I have the app language in the: app’s store and all the app reactive to the store’s state (eventual server side rendering of strings included) settings (ie: not changeable in the front-end), so the language strings and all server side differences are loaded on a page reload, and if we need to change it back a reload might be necessary Is the answer to this based in opinions or is there a clear way […]