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VS Code – Browser closes right after opening when debugging

Since yesterday (sep-13), I’m facing this issue. I open my Angular project folder, go to "Run and Debug", push play and, even nothing different in launch.json, the browser closes right after opening. I tried: Remove all extensions; Different browsers (chrome and edge); Uninstall VS Code; Uninstall VS Code and completely remove all of its folders; […]

Visual Studio Code Without intellisense in Angular Project

I am working with an Angular project but when I add control labels to me the intellisense is not shown instead of this I see this I have these extensions installed I don’t know which one else I can miss Any idea, please? Thanks Source: Angular Questions

By kintela
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srcpolyfills.ts depends on ‘core-js/es6/parse-float’. CommonJS or AMD dependencies can cause optimization bailouts

I got this error as soon as starting debug c:projsrcpolyfills.ts depends on ‘core-js/es6/symbol’. CommonJS or AMD dependencies can cause optimization bailouts. For more info see: Based on the guidance above, add "architect": { "build": { "builder": "@angular-devkit/build-angular:browser", "options": { "allowedCommonJsDependencies": ["loadash"], // <– add this key Also appended src/polyfills.ts won’t help either. Angular version […]

By Jeb50
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Create dynamic style depending Angular syntax will throw error but works

When using dynamic class with property "Style". Including for example item.Style="color: red" it is working fine. But Visual Studio code throws error } expectedcss(css-rcurlyexpected) The label-result is ‘red’ in my case but how to avoid the syntax errors? Source: Angular Questions

VS Code – running debug in 2021 (VS Code 1.60.0 (user setup)) doesn’t respond

I have an app I built in 2020 and now I have updated all libraries, Visual Studio Code, npm, ng etc. But now I don’t know how to debug in MS Code! Have dropped the old Debugger for Chrome extension, and I generated an "Attach to Chrome" and a "Launch Chrome", and my impression is […]

VS Code how to debug Angular SPA with built-in JavaScript debugger

So, I have had debugging setup using Chrome debug extension and following launch.json: "version": "0.2.0", "compounds": [ { "name": ".Net + Browser", "configurations": [ ".NET Core Launch (console)", "Launch Chrome" ] } ], "configurations": [ { "name": ".NET Core Launch (console)", "type": "coreclr", "request": "launch", "preLaunchTask": "build", "program": "${workspaceFolder}/bin/Debug/net6.0/grad-ludbreg-gis-demo.dll", "args": [], "cwd": "${workspaceFolder}", "stopAtEntry": false, […]

Any Visual Code extension that I can use to create a Class diagram from ts code

Is there any tool present which I can use to create a class diagram from ts code that someone else has already written? Also, looking for component diagram from existing code that I have Source: Angular Questions

VSCode Unbound breakpoint

I tried all these solutions Unbound breakpoint – VS Code | Chrome | Angular but all fail. What else can I try. I just want debug my code line by line. myproject ├── .vscode │ ├── extensions.json │ ├── launch.json │ └── settings.json ├── src │ ├── app │ ├── assets │ ├── environment │ […]

VSCode GraphQL Extension IntelliSense Not Working in Angular 11 App

I’m trying to get the GraphQL extension for VSCode (by GraphQL Foundation) intellisense working in a simple Angular 11 app: schema.graphql is in the project root. As per the doco this file is also in the root: // .graphqlrc.yml schema: "schema.graphql" documents: "src/**/*.{graphql,js,ts,jsx,tsx}" In the bottom right of VSCode under GraphQL it says "GraphQL […]

By Aydus-Matthew
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Angular – PHP (VSCode) : php : The term ‘php’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program

I am trying to run my php file on VSCode and even after adding the path to the environment variables. It still shows `php : The term ‘php’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, […]

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