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VS 2022 ASP.Net Angular – File Not Found Errors

I created a new ASP.Net Core Angular project in Visual Studio 2022 using the VS new template. Once I built the application the first time which in its turn runs npm install I see errors under the Error List VS window (please see the image below). This is happening in one of my existing projects […]

Visual Studio 2022 Standalone Typescript Angular template not working

I have followed the instructions at ( to the letter, but cannot seem to get the frontend part to talk to the backend part. No matter what, it appears to be looking for the API at port 4200, which doesn’t seem to be the setting in any JSON file. If I go to https://localhost:7176/swagger/index.html I […]

How do I add an existing angular project as a standalone TypeScript Angular Template project to a solution in Visual Studio 2022 preview?

Visual Studio 2022 preview come with the new feature that it can create a standalone TypeScript Angular Template project. Is there a way that I can import an existing angular project (which doesn’t have a *.esproj file) created by angular cli? Source: Angular Questions

Visual studio 2022 locks when my friend set my Angular project as startup project

Ive been developing a new Angular frontend following this tutorial: The tutorial tells me to run Visual Studio 2022, so thats what I do. Both the tutorial and Visual Studio 2022 seems to work perfectly for me. Worth saying is that I do this project as a subproject, where we have several projects. So […]

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How do you publish a new standalone Angular project (esproj) in VS2022 to Azure?

I have created a new Standalone Angular project in Visual Studio 2022. Everything works great but I don’t know how to publish it to Azure. I was hoping to right-click on the project and choose publish or at least have the "Deploy to Web App" option somewhere like in Visual Studio code. What is the […]

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