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ui-grid pagination page forward buttton not disabled even with 0 record

I am using ui-grid for my tables, with externalpagination and externalfiltering set to true. When the $http returns no record after searching, the page-forward button should be disabled, but it doesn’t, which cause issues ahead. Here’s an image Here’s the image of it, which shows the button still visible. Please help me out. Stuck with this for a while Source: AngularJS

how to set the drop-down list in UI-Grid in angularjs

I am trying to display dropdown list of status in the UI- Grid in angularjs(version 1.6). But its showing only Please select value. In below example I am trying to show current value from database and list of available status from statusList json. Can some please review what I am missing here. field: “trainingStatusDetails”, name : “Status”, cellTemplate : ‘<div align=”center”><select id=”{{‘gridTrStatus’+row.rowIndex}}” ng-model=”row.entity.trainingStatusDetails” ng-disabled=”row.entity.saveButtonClicked”>’+ ‘<option value=””>–Please select–</option>’+ ‘<option ng-selected=”u.trainingStatusDetails == row.entity.trainingStatusDetails” ng-repeat=”u in statusList” value=”{{u.trainingStatusDetails}}”>{{u.trainingStatusDetails}}</option>’+ […]

I cannot filter empty values in ui-grid

I’m receiving an error every time I filter null values in a filter modal saying : angular-1.6.5.min.js:123 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘grid’ of null at (ui-grid.js:26601) at angular-1.6.5.min.js:17 at ua (angular-1.6.5.min.js:85) at q (angular-1.6.5.min.js:71) at f (angular-1.6.5.min.js:62) at angular-1.6.5.min.js:61 at angular-1.6.5.min.js:67 at d (angular-1.6.5.min.js:64) at m (angular-1.6.5.min.js:68) at angular-1.6.5.min.js:315 div ng-repeat=”(colRenderIndex, col) in colContainer.renderedColumns track by col.uid” ui-grid-one-bind-id-grid=”rowRenderIndex + ‘-‘ + col.uid + ‘-cell’” class=”ui-grid-cell ng-scope” ng-class=”{ ‘ui-grid-row-header-cell’: col.isRowHeader }” role=”{{col.isRowHeader ? ‘rowheader’ : […]

Issue using a custom conditional editableCellTemplate

I have a grid and need to implement a conditional editor template: if certain condition of the row is true, show a select dropdown, if not, show the regular text input. My template is this: <div><form name=”inputForm”> <select ng-show=” == ‘some_name'” ui-grid-edit-dropdown ng-model=”MODEL_COL_FIELD”> <option value=”true”>true</option> <option value=”false”>false</option> </select> <input ng-show=” != ‘some_name'” ng-class=”‘colt’ + col.uid” type=”text” ui-grid-editor ng-model=”MODEL_COL_FIELD”> </form></div> But it’s not working ok…the dropdown show ok, but the text inputs don’t appear when double […]

Angular ui-grid auto height not working

I am using angular ui-grid for show records. I have a product which has only 7 records, and another product which has 200 records. By default max row are selected to 20 when records are greater than 20, when records are less than 20 grid will auto resize depending on records count. Problem is that; when I load 7 records in grid, the height of grid is according to 7 records, keeping there without refreshing […]

ui-grid 3.1.1 render content of table randomly

I’m using ui-grid in version 3.1.1 Facing the problem with rendering table. Not always but randomly table rendered without content after refreshing page data appears. I tried set auto resize, refreshing data using $timeout (Angular ui grid does not show content unless browser window is resized) or increasing virtualizationThreshold. Unfortunately the problem still exists. Does anybody have any idea how to solve the issue? Source: AngularJS

uigrid is catching keyboard key events

Using AngularJs 1.x, I have a datepicker which should pick today when you press t. And I have ng-typeahead which should scroll down the options when keydown is pressed. They both work fine when placed outside the ui-grid but when they are inside a cell of the grid. The datepicker’s t stops working and if when using typeahead and pressing down it moves to the next row instead of scrolling through the options. It seems […]

ui-grid id showing in cell from dropdown not value name

I have been trying to use the following ideas from other stack questions but I am still not getting the result What I actually Want. ui-grid dynamic cellFilter ui-grid display cell as select tag I have a ui-grid with a dropdown menu. The user can pick which connection string they want to use and the id of that string is set to the field and then through the gridApi.edit.on.afterCellEditthe id is sent to be processed. […]

How to obtain custom aggregate totals in UI Grid’s footer

Is there a way I could obtain a custom total in UI-Grid? For example I have the following Plunkr I would like to only add up rows with names Terry Clay and Nieves Mack and display that as a total. I.E: I would like a total of the sum of a specific number of rows. Is it doable? I’ve been looking for a way to do it and got to customTreeAggregationFn and customTreeAggregationFinalizerFn as shown […]

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