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angulajs pagination not showing pagination bar

pleae helpme why pagination bar is not showing <pagination total-items=”Employee.length” ng-model=”currentPage” items-per-page=”pagesize”></pagination> When i chk values as {{Employee.length}}{{pagesize}} its display my values On my table i config as <tr ng-repeat=”Emp in Employee |startFrom:1 |limitTo:pagesize”> Myfilters $scope.currentPage = 1 $scope.pagesize = 3 $scope.maxSize = 5; .filter(‘startFrom’, function () { debugger; return function(data,start){ return data.slice(start) } }) Source: AngularJS

Image passed in a function is not displaying in bootstrap modal popup

I have a image displayed in small icon , when I click on the image , I want to pass the imagesource in a function showPhotos() and display it in popup. I tried doing it , but my popup is coming empty without photos. My thumbnail image html: <div class=”image” ng-repeat=”image in filteredImages track by $index”> <div class=”dropdown”> <img ng-src=”{{image.source}}” class=”images” style=”cursor: pointer;” ng-click=”showPhotos(image.source)”/> </div> </div> JS: $scope.model.selectedImage = “”; $scope.showPhotos = function(image) { $scope.model.selectedImage […]

bootstrap Tooltip remains visible when click on button which redirect user to the other page

See I have applied ‘data-toggle=”tooltip” data-trigger=”hover” When I click on the button it redirect to other page , but tooltip still appear on the new page! I can do manual hide of the too-tip but, is there any other solution to tackle this? buttonTemplate: ‘<button class=”btn btn-xs btnGrey” {tooltip} ng-if=”{2}” ng-click=”{0}”><span><span class=”btn-Grid-Icon”><i class=”fa {1}”></i></span></span></button>’, tooltipTemplate: ‘data-toggle=”tooltip” data-trigger=”hover” data-container=”body” data-placement=”{1}” title=”{0}”‘, createIconButtonHtml: function (config) { var editButton = this.buttonTemplate.replace(“{0}”, config.action); editButton = editButton.replace(“{1}”, config.iconClass); editButton = […]

Modal not popping up in bootstrap.When I clicked "Learn more" modal is not opening up ?Can someone tell me where i went wrong

I have provided the code below and Plunkr link as well.Modal doesn’t display properly when I click the “Learn more” button the issue araises.Can someone tell me where exactly I went wrong.The details are provided below.Well, how about adding more details. Like, what are you trying to accomplish, how are you doing it, what difficulties you have found with the approach, another approaches you have tried, etc. In summary, without code isn’t a good question […]

ng-dropdown-multiselect library not working for me

I found this cool library to do dropdown menus with angularjs + twitter-bootstrap-3, here: I am following the examples, I have this in my html: <div ng-dropdown-multiselect=”” options=”stringData” selected-model=”stringModel” extra-settings=”stringSettings”> </div> And this in my controller: $scope.stringData = [‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’]; $scope.stringModel = []; $scope.stringSettings = { template: ‘{{option}}’, smartButtonTextConverter: function(skip, option) { return option; }, }; And yet, absolutely nothing is being rendered to the page. 🙁 Anybody have any idea what might […]

Checkbox in dropdown menu is not checked from previously selected value in AngularJS

I am new to AngularJS. I am trying to get the checkbox to appear as checked from previously selected value. I thought ng-class would do the trick but it’s not. Did I do anything wrong in the code below? Here is my HTML code: <ul class=”dropdown-menu menu-content” uib-dropdown-menu> <li ng-repeat=”value in values” > <label><input type=”checkbox” ng-class=”{‘checked’ : value.selected, ‘active’ : value.selected}” ng-click=”$ctrl.toggleValue(value)”>{{value.valueName}}</label></li> </ul> Source: AngularJS

Unable to render navigation menu in angular 1 using nested json data

I want to implement a navigation bar using json data which is fetched by angular service. I ave my service and controller working great, but I am unable to render the nested json data into my view. Below is my json data: { “menu”: [ { “name”: “Electronics”, “link”: “1”, “sub”: [ { “name”: “Mobiles”, “link”: “1.1”, “sub”: [ { “name”: “Samsung”, “link”: “1.1.1”, “sub”: null }, { “name”: “Apple”, “link”: “1.1.2”, “sub”: null }, […]