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Angularjs directive treeview from json data

I must say, directive is very week topic of mine in matter of angularjs. I am trying to make tree view from jsondata which is as below but not able to figure out how to make with special need. Here is my json object, { “declaration”: { “attributes”: { “version”: “1.0”, “encoding”: “UTF-8” } }, “elements”: [ { “type”: “element”, “name”: “MyRootNode”, “attributes”: { “id”: “MyRootNodeID”, “version”: “1.2”, “properties”: “2.6” }, “elements”: [ { “type”: […]

Get complete Hierarchy from selected node from angular treeview

I want to show breadcrumbs when node is selected,but can’t get complete hierarchy from selected node. for eg: if i select node subuser2-1-1 then i want User->subUser2->subuser2-1->subuser2-1-1 Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please check this fiddle .directive(“treeModel”, function($compile) { return { restrict: “A”, link: function(a, f, b, scope) { var d = b.treeModel, g = b.nodeLabel || “label”, c = b.nodeChildren || “children”, h = ‘<ul class=”repUL”>’; h = h+'<li data-ng-repeat=”node in ‘ + d […]

How to create dynamic tree structure left menu angularjs

I need to create dynamic tree structure left menu in my web app using angular js from json response. I achieved this with the help of ng-repeat with the limitation of 3 levels – Level 1 -> Parent(Category), Level 2 -> child(subcategories), Level 3 -> child of child(subcategories). Now, I want ‘n’ no. of levels without restriction. There is an option to create a category as parent and can create sub category under that parent. […]

How to show a left or right decomposed tree structure using json data in javascript/AngularJS?

I have a set of data which are inter-connected and has to be shown in tree format on left or right expansion depending on the type of data. Below is the link which i have replicated but we need customization on levels and what comes under what has to be controlled using a configuration page or something. Orientation Controlled Example I wanted to check if we have any library which gives us more good UI […]

need to build a tree dynamically with data from backend

I need help to populate my tree. I am currently able to display all the clients in my tree. I need that once i click on a client it makes a call to application server to get all the accounts and show that as child nodes to this client node The only examples I could d find had the complete tree prepared with hard coded data. This is my index.html: <!– index.html –> <!doctype html> […]

Show children’s while filtering angular UI grid tree view

I am using angular UI grid tree view with large set of data in a parent-child relationship. When I am applying a filter, it’s giving me the correct data, but what I want is if that row has children, then those children also need to be shown. It doesnt matter if the child row has that filtered data or not, those need to be shown. Here is plnkr i have created with some sample data. […]