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D3.js TopoJSON: state borders on county zoom

I have a D3 TopoJSON design to instantiate U.S. counties paths and then state paths (these are transparent, just to thicken the borders between the states). I am trying to add zoom and pan functionality, and have successfully gotten zoom on click. I have to hide the state objects when I zoom in, however, when […]

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Angular D3 TopoJSON: Zoom Functionality

I have been struggling with making a functional choropleth map in D3 on Angular, and thus far have managed to piece together a tooltip and zoom-to-county-on-click functionality. I am currently trying to figure out: How to get the zoom to reset upon second click, but most examples online seem to use a different zoom functionality […]

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Angular D3 TopoJSON functionality

I have an Angular app with a service to fetch the base data from here:[email protected]/counties-albers-10m.json I can successfully make my counties and borders appear, but I cannot create an interactivity (click zoom to counties, pan, zoom reset, tooltip, etc.). A lot of code below, hopefully someone out there can help me understand the Angular […]

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