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tomcat doesn’t display all the html files on target

I’m using the front-end maven plugin with the copy-ressources maven plugin to bind my angular app (webtools) to the war of my maven project and deploy it all on tomcat. Here’s my project architecture on eclipse: Note that I’m not using servlets. The localhost:port/iris-sr-webtools/test.hmtl link displays the content of test.html but the localhost:port/iris-sr-webtools/index.hmtl shows 404 not found. in my web.xml file is located in WEB-INF: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <web-app xmlns=”” xmlns:xsi=”” xsi:schemaLocation=”” version=”3.0″> <welcome-file-list> […]

Is it possible to run OS script from plugin (AngularJS)

I’ve got Tomcat webcontainer (8.0.x) and (1.5.10) that runs on top of it. I would like to write plugin that would restart JVM server, the one that hosts this jvm. Lets assume I’ve bash script that I can call to gracefully stop JVM and start it again. Is it possible to call such external OS script from plugin? Where do I find any code examples? ps. I know this will disconnect requesting […]

How to deploy Spring boot backend and Angular 6 frontend application in an apache Tomcat8 server?

I have developed an application with spring boot backend and angular 6 front end and everything is perfect. But the only problem I have, is how to deploy the backend and frontend on a server apache and how frontend and backend communicate? I have my dist for angular and the war for spring and I put them on apache, but when I click on dist, the page login appears but I don’t have connection with […]

Unable to run angular JS app in apache tomcat

I have created a Dynamic web project in eclipse IDE. And converted it to angular JS project. I have successfully installed and configured Apache Tomcat 9.0 and I am able to access tomcat on localhost:8080 Below shown is my project directory structure… When I am trying to run the application on apache server,I am getting error as shown below……… Below is my code. controller.js: var app = angular.module(“myApp”, [” “]); index.html: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <meta […]

Integrate TomCat and Node server

I have an existing JSP, Anuglar 1 application deployed on TomCat server during development. I would like to migrate JSP pages to Anuglar 2+ one by one. I am using Node / NPM for Angular 2+ migrated pages. Is it possible to set proxy in TomCat server such that whenever an angular 2+ page is requested, it would redirect the user to Node server to serve Angular 2+ pages? I understand Angular 2+ page can […]

JSP, AnuglarJs to Angular 2+ migration

We have an app consisting of JSP and AngularJS (Angular 1.4.6) code. It is currently deployed to TomCat server for development using ANT build. Project goal is to migrate the app to Angular 2+. We would like to migrate one page at a time. I believe Angular 2+ require Node server. What is the best way to fit Angular 2 in the existing APP to run JSP, AngularJS and Angular 2+ using Node server for […]

Angular js with chrome browser ttfb is high

When using http://localhost:8080/birt/index.html#/test-script, application is working fine means TTFB time is in milliseconds but when i am using http://ipaddress:8080/birt/index.html#/test-script, TTFB is very high(around 8-15 seconds). Issue is only in chrome browser, firefox it is working fine. We are using Angular Js with backend spring and hibernate framework. Source: AngularJS

WebSocket Request (xhr_send) getting stalled (Tomcat and Apache HTTP)

My application used sockjs & Application is running on Tomcat 8 and APACHE HTTP as front end web server. I have observed that xhr_send request getting stalled and so hangs the application. On Chrome developer console, received following error when xhr_send request stalled I never received CONNECTED response. I used following code to setup websocket socket = new SockJS(applicationMainService.getUrl()+’/ws’); stompClient = Stomp.over(socket); Also received following error in Tomcat logs [org.spr[email protected]1e7904b0]: org.springframework.web.socket.sockjs.SockJsException: Uncaught failure in SockJS […]

Problems with the displaying of my webpage in Tomcat (xampp)

Hi all and thanks firstly for your help. I’m developing correctly all my web project, but it seems that when I’m displaying some elements like a select in a form sometimes, and some others(I will leave you an image down here) that when I see it in the Tomcat server (Apache Tomcat/7.0.56) are in a bad design (and in a bad location) and when I display the project in the normal browser (without server) I […]

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