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Angularjs templateUrl does not render properly in Flask/python3

Setup: Flask/Python3 AngularJS==1.7 i have the following project structure: – myapp/ – static/ – app/ – my-nav/ – my-nav.component.js – my-nav.module.js – my-nav.template.js – app.css – app-module.js – index.html – The unsolved issue is that the rendering of the templateUrl property of the component does not work! Show nothing and no error message in console! Follow the below javascript component code: ‘use strict’; // register navbar component, along with its associated controller and template […]

AngularJs html metadata was changed by google storage

i have a plan to change my angularJS application hosting from S3 bucket to google storage bucket. But i have problem with metadata of html template files. i copies with gsutil command and i already set all files in the bucket with public_read permission. Now i can accessing index.html and it serve with text/html content-type, but with template file, it had been changed by google storage to application/xml and status code is 401 Status Code: […]

Angularjs – Passwords/Security Questions transmitted over query string

I am using Angularjs as my front-end framework for the app I am currently working on. I am having a problem with the partial HTML when testing security. File: /modals/login.html – contains HTML form with email and password When testing I get this URL: http://localhost:8080/templates/modal/login.html?ddce4e244a538a4f=3& but from the application itself, User credentials are never transferred in this way. How to prevent this from being flagged as the issue? Source: AngularJS

Angularjs scope var in template of custom directive

I have a custom directive hello myapp.directive(‘hello’, function() { return { link : function (scope, elem, attr) { scope.url = attr.url; console.log(scope.url); }, template: ‘<div ng-include=”‘[{url}]'”></div>’ }; }); my html code is <div url=”mypage.html”></div> I get the value mypage.html in my console.log but is not able to include the page it says[%7Burl%7D] Source: AngularJS

Spring boot template might not exist or might not be accessible by any of the configured Template Resolvers

Error resolving template “producaoPrimaria”, template might not exist or might not be accessible by any of the configured Template Resolvers I got this erros when i try to access this tamplate i using angularJs in my front-end the method that call template is this $scope.saude = function(idSistemaSelecionado) { idEntidadeSelecionada = $location.$$search.dataBase; $q.when(); if(idSistemaSelecionado ==502){ location.href = “arrecadacao/producaoPrimaria/producaoPrimaria?dataBase=” + idEntidadeSelecionada + “&app=” + idSistemaSelecionado; } }; and my appController app.config(function($routeProvider, $locationProvider,$qProvider){ $qProvider.errorOnUnhandledRejections(false); $routeProvider .when(“/producaoPrimaria”, {templateUrl:’/arrecadacao/producaoPrimaria/producaoPrimariaPaginas/inicioPp.html’, controller:’inicioPpController’}) […]

Angular 4: Conditional parent template

On Angular 4, assuming that I have 5 components/routes and certain sets use specific parent templates, e.g.: a.component –> parent component b.component, c.component –> parent2 component e.component, f.component –> parent3 component Currently, the parent template is handled by app.component and child components are rendered inside a tag, say, <router-outlet>. My questions is, is there a way to make the parent template conditional based on the rules stated above? Thank you. Source: AngularJS