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Dynamically create tabs with Angular slickgrid and ngfor in Angular Slickgrid Example 24

I need a page with tabs similar to Example 24 in Angular Slickgrid, where the content of each tab is a grid. The number of tabs can vary, so I need to make it dynamic. Hence, I used the example as a basis to find out what to do. First I modified ngOnInit: ngOnInit(): void […]

By user15730368
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Ionic and Angular app, bottom tabs are blocking the content and scroll

I have an Ionic and Angular app, and when I add tabs to the bottom of my page (outside the ion-content), the scroll stops working inside the ion-content and the fab button which is inside the ion-content, is covering the tabs. How can I make this work, I’ve tried moving it inside the ion-content, which […]

Nebular: nb-datepicker does not detect date changes when used inside nb-tabset in a nbPopover

I’m trying to use nb-datepicker inside an nbPopover with nb-tabset, unfortunately the date changes are not detected. The same code with only nb-datepicker and nb-tabset works fine in the main page, but when used in an nbPopover, the (dateChange) method does not work anymore. I don’t know if I missed something, if it’s a bug […]

By Nad14
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How to get tab and set it as default in angular with angular material Tabs

I have a component inside another big component (parent). The big component has the tabs feature and to access those tabs inside the inner component im doing the following: document.querySelectorAll(‘.mat-tab-group’); That above code outputs me an array of length 2 because there is another tab. So to access the last one and set the default […]

Is it possible to change browser tab on button click in JS or TS?

I have an AngularJS web app installed on a terminal and running in full-screen mode. Customer asked to have 2 tabs opened at the same time on 2 different views – the 2 tabs won’t be active at the same time, one will be active and focused, while the other will run in background. The […]

By luca
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Mat-tab-group go directly on second tab using angular

I’m trying to use in my component like this : <mat-tab-group id="stickyTabs" dynamicHeight="false" [(selectedIndex)]="selectedTab" #tabGroup (selectedTabChange)="onTabChanged($event);"> <mat-tab *ngIf="condition" label="label1"> <ng-template matTabContent > <div class="tab-content"> <comp1></comp1> </div> </ng-template> </mat-tab> <mat-tab label="label2"> <ng-template matTabContent> <div class="tab-content"> <comp2></comp2> </div> </ng-template> </mat-tab> </mat-tab-group> But when I go on my page, I go directly on the second tab. I suppose […]

By Alexandre S
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Angular Formly Tabset, check which tab is active – ngx-formly-tabs

I have several tab, and i want to show a button, only when the third TAB(TAB3) is active. { type: ‘tabset’, fieldGroup: [ { type: ‘tab’, templateOptions: { tabTitle: ‘TAB1’ }, fieldGroup: [ … ] }, { type: ‘tab’, templateOptions: { tabTitle: ‘TAB2’ }, fieldGroup: [ … ] }, { type: ‘tab’, templateOptions: { tabTitle: […]

By Levente K r
Categorized as angular, angular-formly, ngx-formly, tabs Tagged , , ,

html-duration-picker does not work correctly inside tabs

I am using the html-duration-picker library to display the duration. My problem is that this library is not working within the tabs. I tested using the library outside tabs and it works, but inside it doesn’t work properly, as shown in the image. Can anyone help me find the solution to this problem? Thank you […]

By Mat Sigh
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How to dont destroy showing tabs components in angular?

Hello how can i dont destroy tabs components showing in image. i will make a tab-like system.but for performance issues i want to destroy if i dont use tabs. If i use tabs, dont destroy when i change.Because i want to use again models(like textbox) back to before tab. i did now with router-outlet system […]

By sedatistan
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Form values inside ngbNavContent in the second tab are empty

I have a form with two tabs. I have used template driven form. For tabs i have used ngbNav. When i submit the form from the second tab i get only the values from the second tab. Below is the code <form #testForm="ngForm" (ngSubmit)="onSubmit(testForm)"> <ul ngbNav #nav="ngbNav" class="nav-tabs"> <li [ngbNavItem]="1"> <a ngbNavLink> <span class="d-none d-sm-block […]

By Dinesh D
Categorized as angular, form-submit, forms, nav, tabs Tagged , , , ,
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