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AngularJS moveuprow of table and post changes to DB

Hello everyone I have kept awake for a week learning angularjs and reached a point where I managed to reach the next code which makes each row of a table generated by a ng-repeat have two buttons one to raise the row and another to lower it Every time you do an edit the position of the row you should see the change in the page and save the changes in the database (please know […]

Filter table after click data AngularJS

I need to filter table – after click name in the list: <ul ng-repeat=”f in filter”> <li ng-model=””> <a class=”left-menu-link”> {{f}} </a> </li> </ul> The table should list only that name which I chose. My plunker: // Code goes here var app = angular.module(‘app’, []); app.controller(‘FirstCtrl’, function($scope) { $ = [{ “name”: “afdfg Nixon”, “system”: “System Architect” }, { “name”: “sdfasdfas”, “system”: “System Architect” }, { “name”: “ggg Nigadfgxon”, “system”: “System Architect” }, { […]