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Can we pass any SVG image or icon for different meetings Schedule on Syncfusion Scheduler

Can we pass any SVG image or icon for different meetings Schedule on Scheduler or while fetching data from API, fetch the image icon for types of different available meeting accordingly. Source: Angular Questions

Ej2. Syncfusion Calendar shows the upcomming Schedule meeting

Hello How can we show upcoming events schedule on Calendar view and combined the both calendar and scheduler like google calendar. enter image description here Source: Angular Questions

ej2.syncfusion Calendar Schedule Header

Can we edit Header of the scheduler from one position to other or can we Edit Tag? I want header should look something like . But in ej2.Syncfusion Calendar Schedule We get Header like. 1 1st image is the what, I want to achieve. 2 ej2.Syncfusion Calendar Scheduler Header Source: Angular Questions

How to access json data which is present in payload of angular request in springBoot post API || syncfusion angular calender

Getting the below data in the payload tab of my browser while sending post requests. "–batch_8c82e185-cbdf-4d70-a62d-a48c9e869bf8 Content-Type: application/http; msgtype=request POST /api/null HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 Host: localhost:4200 {"Subject":"ankita","StartTime":"2021-11-29T04:00:00.000Z","EndTime":"2021-11-29T04:30:00.000Z","IsAllDay":false,"StartTimezone":null,"EndTimezone":null,"RecurrenceRule":null,"Id":4} –batch_8c82e185-cbdf-4d70-a62d-a48c9e869bf8–" Note: I am using a third-party library(syncfusion calendar) where I can’t customize my request in the body part with JSON. I am only concerned with the […]

is syncfusion ejs-schedule startHour attribute bindable? – Angular

ejs-schedule startHour="08:00" it works but ejs-schedule [startHour]="startHour" doesn’t work export class MComponent { startHour = "08:00" how to change this property programmatically? Source: Angular Questions

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