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How to fetch dynamic table list in MVC and angularJS

I’m getting a list in my angular.js file (EditDeleteItem.js) which I’m making based on the selected table name. The function to send my list is as below:- $scope.SaveTblRecord = function (list) { //alert(JSON.stringify($scope.employeeList)); $scope.FetchTableName(); //var Data = $.param({ TblData: $scope.MyTblDataList }); var itemList = []; angular.forEach(list, function (value, key) { if (list[key].selected) { itemList.push(list[key].selected); } }); $scope.ItemsList = []; $scope.ItemsList = itemList; $http({ method: “Post”, url: “/Admin/SaveTblData”, data: $scope.ItemsList, }).success(function (data) { $scope.GetTblData($scope.TempName); }).error(function (err) […]