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AngularJS $…).success is not a function with file upload method [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Why are angular $http success/error methods deprecated? Removed from v1.6? 2 answers What is the explicit promise construction antipattern and how do I avoid it? 2 answers Is this a “Deferred Antipattern”? 2 answers I am trying to insert new records into database by angularjs web application but problem is when i clicked the submit button i got following errors in console windows .I am trying to post […]

Good way to map table based on members and months in year

I need to make simple table like this This table represents yearly membership status for each month, it’s super simple there is no advanced stuff there, that membership status is updated manually by admin (when member pays, admin update status for that month). From database standpoint i have 2 simple tables like this: As you can see i have membership table with member_id and date, and when payment is made that table is being populated. […]

Display multiple Oracle SQL query results on AngularJS page

So I need to display multiple results of SQL query on the same component in AngularJS. How would I do this? So far, I understood that component can treat only one http request as in here: ‘use strict’; angular.module(‘cryostat’, []).component(‘cryostat’, { templateUrl: ‘cryostat/cryostat.template.html’, controller: function cryostatController($http) { this.pageTitle = “NP04 Cryostat” this.natalie = 1; $http.get(“cryostat.conn.php”) .then(function (response) {this.TT0101 =;}); } }); Source: AngularJS

pull json value from angular ng-repeat using ng-modal to use as a variable in a sql string

<tbody> <tr ng-repeat=”r in Result”> <td class=”” width=”18%;” style=”text-align: left{{r.gID}}</td> <td width=”18%;” style=”text-align: left;”>{{r.EID}}</td> <td width=”18%;” style=”text-align: left;”>{{r.loEID}}</td> <td width=”25%;” style=”text-align: left;”>{{r.app_Num}}</td> <td width=”25%;” style=”text-align: left;”>{{r.acc_Num}}</td> <td width=”100%;” style=”text-align: left;”>{{r.ref_Date}}</td> <td> <button class=”btn btn-primary” ng-click=”edit(r)”>Edit</button> </td> </tr> </tbody> i need the gID which is a primary key in the db to be appended into a variable in this input field <input id=”gID” name=”gID” class=”form-control” type=”text” style=”border-radius: 5px;padding:3px;” maxlength=”5″ value=”” ng-model=”newRecord.gID” disabled > $scope.delete = function […]

Converting sql to Treeview JSON with C#

I got a stored procedure fetching this table. I want to format it like this: data: [ { text: “Furniture”, items: [ { text: “Tables & Chairs” }, { text: “Sofas” }, { text: “Occasional Furniture” } ] }, { text: “Decor”, items: [ { text: “Bed Linen” }, { text: “Curtains & Blinds” }, { text: “Carpets” } ] Having trouble in converting it to JSON using my stored proc. Output is in kendo-tree-view […]

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