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Gulp and Angular: (Error) The controller with the name is not registered

I have a SPA based AngularJS which contains several components as follow: app |_components |_home |_home.component.js |_home.html … |_app.js |_app.config.js |_app.module.js |_app.routes.js | index.html app.js (function() { ‘use strict’; angular.module(‘myApp’).controller(‘appCtrl’, AppController); function AppController() { // code here } })(); index.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title>Lorem ipsum</title> <!– inject:css –> <!– endinject –> <!– inject:js –> <!– endinject –> </head> <body ng-app=”myApp” ng-controller=”appCtrl as vm” ng-strict-di> <app-home></app-home> <!– … –> </body> </html> home.component.js […]

SPA Antiforgery Token with core

I have implemented Anti forgery token with angular SPA in the following way, did this in the web api middle ware, for setting a cookie on clients browser, This will set the cookie for every api call. var tokens = antiforgery.GetAndStoreTokens(context); context.Response.Cookies.Append(“XSRF-TOKEN”, tokens.RequestToken, new CookieOptions {HttpOnly = false, Secure = context.Request.IsHttps}); services.AddAntiforgery(options => options.HeaderName = “X-XSRF-TOKEN”); In spa, I am currently adding the cookie value to header manually in the request interceptor, as both are […]

Integrating an Angular SPA in a webpage – Request for suggestion

I have a CMS based website where I need to add a standalone AngularJS based app. Given the single minified JS for the app is 13Mbs. The options that I see are: A.) EMBED the app directly in a webpage, we can add a SECTION/DIV on a webpage and let the script render the app in that tag. With this approach, my concerns are the additional HTTP request and the obvious 13Mbs of additional data. […]

How to setting up a project in eclipse to program a SPA with JavaEE and AngularJS?

I’m trying to create a project all day long (in vain) to be able to write an SPA (Single Page Application) for learning purposes with JavaEE and AngularJS but I have no idea how to proceed… I need in following topics your help: How or which project I have to create/choose in Eclipse to be able to write in JavaEE(Backend) and AngularJS(Frontend Clientside) What do I need to do this so? I could not find […]

Why angular is called single page application

one of the most common term associated with angular is SPA. Why angular is called a single page application? Even if the url changes in angular site will it be called as spa? Is all the site created using angular are really a single page application? If not why? I hope answers to these question gets much clarity on angular. Source: AngularJS

I want to learn Angular js [on hold]

I want to learn AngularJS. and i know jQuery very well. so please suggest me from where to start. because, i don’t understand the official docs. I even tried to start from the official website documentation but that does not helped me. For jquery I have learned from freecodecamp. Is there any such websites for AngularJS? Source: AngularJS

Framework or ready made solution for SPA to cache updates while offline

Ok, so I’m thinking about developing an SPA using Angular that I need to act just like Google Docs in that the changes made by the user is cached locally (e.g. using a Service Worker) if offline and then synced to the server when connection is live again. To be more specific, I need the changes to be always cached locally and then synced on a regular basis every let’s say 15 minutes or so […]

Safari Issue with Single Page Application AngularJS in HTML5mode with AWS (Cloudfront/S3)

I am running an AngularJS application in S3 and served up in a CloudFront distribution. I chose a CloudFront distribution for performance and the simplicity of installing the SSL certificate. The SPA is in HTML5mode to have a clean URL structure. I configured html5Mode in my app.js file. .config([‘$locationProvider’, function($locationProvider) { $locationProvider.hashPrefix(”); }]).config(function($locationProvider){ $locationProvider.html5Mode(true); }) In my index.html file I set the base tag as follows: <base href=”/” /> I have an S3 bucket serving […]

Laravel 5.6.12 how to redirect to plain html after login

I want to use my laravel installation as a session and request handler without using blade view templates. I’ve added an auth controller to the app with: php artisan make:auth And login, register, forgot password etc. all work perfectly. What I wanna do though is to redirect the user to an angular 4 single page app that resides in a subfolder named dashboard-dist in laravel root which I build independently from the laravel project. In […]

Get the source traffic origin of a specific link of my website

I have an SPA app running with angularjs + node.js (express) + mongodb, and I would like to know how can I proceed to get more information abut the traffic source of a specific link of my website. An example, i have this link: https://www.mywebsite.comm/:id, and suppose that this link has been opened from facebook or twitter and so. In this specific case, how can we proceed to know the request origin with the exact […]

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