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Stay logged with php session & angular

I’m trying to make a login system on angular with a PhP backend. When people login, this is the PhP script called : // here check for good request $account = // found the account thanks to PDO $accountId = $account["id"]; session_start(); $_SESSION["accountId"] = $accountId; setcookie("accountId", $accountId); Then, when I want to get informations according […]

Get set-cookie value from the response header angular

I am trying to get the set-cookie from Response Headers. The reason of doing this is set-cookie is not setting cookie and showing the warning This attempt to set a cookie via a Set-Cookie header was blocked because its Domain attribute was invalid with regards to the current host url. Attached is the screenshot Now […]

Why won’t cross site cookies be sent even with https, samesite=none, and secure=true

I’m creating a proof of concept to use cookie authentication with jwt’s in aspnet core with a separate UI server (i.e. the UI is hosted on localhost:4200 and the backend on localhost:5001). This repo that exhibits this and the following problem can be found here. It based off of dotnet-labs/JwtAuthDemo. No matter how hard I […]

Not able to set and get the cookie in angular

Got this warning after running npm install npm WARN [email protected] requires a peer of @angular/[email protected]^2.0.0 but none is installed. You must install peer dependencies yourself. npm WARN [email protected] requires a peer of @angular/[email protected]^2.0.0 but none is installed. You must install peer dependencies yourself. Source: Angular Questions

By Kundan Kumar
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Set-cookie present in response but not set in browser (Application/cookes) Angular

Hi I’m building a client using typescript 10+ after I log in I receive a set-cookie with JSESSIONID and since is an HttpOnly true I can`t auto set it in the browser and somehow I expect this to be automated I need to set it to the browser on every response and gipe it back […]

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How can we access cookie provided from authentication server in application server?

I was reading a blog in angular ( its official website wherein for authentication a separate server is used and for application different server is used. So, in this case cookie will be issued by authentication server but will be used in application server. How is that possible? I am not able to understand the […]

Set-Cookie header not creating cookie in test environment

I have a local testing application mimicking the host on port 4200. It makes a call to (also locally hosted) to /login The request passes, the server returns 200 and some information, and along with it it sets this header which I see in the response headers: Set-Cookie: refreshToken={JWT here}; expires=Sun, 23-May-2021 20:38:32 […]

By Ral
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How to decode credentials sent using withCredentials: true from angular, cookie sent and received are not the same

I’ve a python back end, where I create an httponly cookie and send it to angular front end. The cookie in the back end is created like this: … token_session = request.create_jwt_token(1, data=<userdata>, permissions=…) … response.set_cookie(name=’token’, value=token_session, secure=False, httponly=True) In the front end, I see the cookie correctly in the browser Application TAB, with name […]

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RESTful API Set-Cookie header is not pass with request header to back-end

I am using Spring project and AngularJS project. I tried to update the Set-Cookie header using AngularJS. But, that value is not set to the backend API. I debug the backend service and checked the values which is requested through the request header Set-Cookie. The updated value was not exit. myFunction: async (value1, value2, cookie) […]

How to save cookies coming from a .net backend server in Angular

The backend server is .net 5 and is able to send and receive cookies. I can see the cookies in postman so I know that the backend is sending and receiving cookies. I then tried to get angular to receive these cookies however nothing happens. Where do I load the cookies for angular that come […]

By jkeelyunreely
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