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Laravel angular structure always getting bad response

I’m facing serious issue from couple of days please help me with this. I’m using laravel 5.3 for backend and Angularjs for frontend and i’m post request with ajax from angular and if something went wrong then sending response in 500 error code with following syntax : return response()->json([‘error’ => ‘Invalid Credentials’], 500); Though it is taking success code 200 on angular side and even response not getting in JSON format and not go into […]

Connecting SPA to a local server with Angular

I’m pretty new to back-end and front-end web dev. I’m going through a course on Udemy that teaches Angular; however I can’t follow along anymore since discovering that Chrome won’t let you dynamically change pages like you do in a SPA, for security reasons (not that I understand what those are). I’m using a script to start a server. It is written in JS. The server is taking requests at port 80. var serverFactory = […]

Angular 4 and ClojureScript background information

I need some information about resource management of Angular4 and ClojureScript. I don’t have any knowledge about this and also can’t find anything. Maybe I just search for the wrong keywords. What I want to know is, if there is a cap of the simultaneous users of a web page using just Angular 4 or ClojureScript. Or does all this just depend on the server? How is the resource management on the server? I heared […]