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No TEXT on Web pages after updating to macOS Sierra

I’m using a dedicated Mac-Mini for testing Angular application. Everything was fine until i changed Mac-Mini’s language to German. After restarting the Mac-Mini, it started updating macOS. Still tests run perfectly, only problem is now i can’t see any text on screen. UI elements (Images etc.) are visible during testing. Sometimes i can see different colors while loading Web Pages. Issue is that in case of failures, i’m taking screenshots and then the screenshots doesn’t […]

How to use XPath locators of selenium in AngularJS application for automation test

I am trying to automate our angularJS application, but I don’t want to use protractor or any framework. I simply using Selenium. The application is like WhatsApp and Xpath of a specific content(like group name,user name)is changes when getting a new message. For example, if there are 5 groups, 5th group is in last position .when a new message is came 5th group is in top position, and Xpath of 5th group changed. I try […]

I am having difficulty creating an dynamic xpath application UI developed in AJ 4.0

I am having difficulty creating an dynamic xpath. in my application Ui developed in Angular js 4.0 in one of module using AJ grid and have tr and td tags. we can identify xpath on basis of @class attributes but probleam is that @class attribute some part get changed basesd on machine local machine as well VM machine. Tr and Td class in local machine tr class=data-row ng-star-inserted editing td class=editcount headcol ng-star-inserted Tr […]

How to write xpath without ng-model property for Angular JS application

I am new to Angular JS automation. Have very good experience with Java and selenium but beginner on Angular. I found on internet that Protractor is good choice to automate Angular JS application. I look at some examples of code where I found ng-model property as locator or to identify element uniquely. In my case I don’t see ng-model property so how can I write xpath to interact with particular element. Here for example I […]

protractor : how can I run webdriver-manager update successfully?

Trying to install the latest protractor but step 2 ( does not go as planned, got this error: [12:08:38] I/file_manager – creating folder C:UsersbertieAppDataRoamingnpmnode_mo events.js:160 throw er; // Unhandled ‘error’ event ^ Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND selenium-release.sto at errnoException (dns.js:28:10) at GetAddrInfoReqWrap.onlookup [as oncomplete] (dns.js:76:26) I am behind a proxy on the network, don’t know the proxy-name but have the pac file. What workaround can I use to get webdriver installed and running? using node […]

accessing a Dynamic ng-repeat using selenium and ngWebDriver

I am automating a web interface. Some frames are based on Angular JS. I am trying to access an ng-repeat inside dynamic columns. Here is a snippet of my DOM : <div class=”containCol__col column-animation col0″ ng-repeat=”column in sbCtrl.SlideboardStore.columns track by` sbCtrl.getUniqueColumnId(column)” column-id=”emptydata” ng-class=” {‘enabled’: column.showNewCardInput, ‘containCol__col__collapsed’: column.isCollapsed}” style=”opacity: 1;”> So here you can see that the ng-repeat is dynamic and depends on Column ID: ng-repeat=”column in sbCtrl.SlideboardStore.columns track bysbCtrl.getUniqueColumnId(column) Here is what I am trying […]

Using Selenium on Apache NiFi

Has anyone automated Apache NiFi using Selenium? I can’t seem to find helpful guides that, its seems like a challenges because I believe its built using AngularJS and waiting for the elements to load is challenging when the GUI is not consistent. My main objective is to take screenshots on every processor down the line and outputs then later validate them, the struggle is the element load time (I like Java, not sure if going […]

Strategies to write protractor end to end tests without browser.wait()

I would like to have different strategies to write Protractor End to End tests without browser.wait() . The default timeout in protractor.conf.js is defaultTimeoutInterval: 30000. If i eliminate browser.wait(), all the tests are failing. For Example, i have the below method in a pageobject: waitForElement(elem) { const EC = protractor.ExpectedConditions; const isVisible = EC.visibilityOf(elem); browser.wait(isVisible, 8000); } When i remove browser.wait from this method, it fails for all referenced test cases stating No element found […]

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