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AngularJS md-autocomplete return all possible substrings

I’m using md-autocomplete to let users search through subjects at my university. The problem is my search function only searches sequentially (left to right) through each display value. For example: If I search “Arts and Architecture” I get “no results found”, which I do not want to happen. I would like “Arts and Architecture” to return a result. The subjects are in this format: $scope.subjects = [ { value: ‘AA’, display: ‘AA – Arts and […]

Search filter with regex stuck my search filter and It does work without refresh?

I am searching for patient through my search filter.It worked in simple case but when I search with sabir it stuck and after removing the searchText sabir It does not work.It doesn’t generate the request next time.How do I handle sabir in angular2. Thanks in advance Here is code snippet Url which does work and does not work? work “” Does not work “” I am using this function for handling the Url. ValidURL(str):boolean { […]