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Fushion charts pie3d not working properly on ruby on rails

I am using fushion charts for getting pie 3D effect, where the back end used is ruby and front end is angular. Its working fine. But,sometimes pie chart data is getting over lapped and it is showing as below. Below given is what we need.And it has been worked before. We are referring this site for fushion charts. In our angular js html page we used the command <div fusioncharts width=”100%” type=”pie3d” datasource=”{{pieDataSource}}”> </div> […]

Pass json with special characters angularjs to ruby

I need to make a search form, where the back end used is ruby and front end as angular. the search query is generated in angular in json format and is passed to ruby via restangular service. Its working fine. But when we tested the search string with semicolon it returned 500 Internal error. the puts params[:search] gives {“content”:”my search is ; for the actual json string is {“content”:”my search is ; and :”, “options”:[]} […]

How to check filter params from one to another params?

I am new to Ruby on Rails and I am trying to create a small filter for the page with Angular. However, I have an issue to check if the 26-35mm exists in the following brand array. So if I change the Brand Name from All to G-shock I am trying to check if the :case_size is available in the following filter from 26 to 35 mm, if it is not available then disable the […]

angularjs how to put array in my url

im getting multiple month in my url here my problem i get of object instead of a name of the months that i choose as you can see in my url i got object months=%5Bobject%20Object%5D i want to see like this months = [mar, apr] here my view in that particular combobox md-input-container flex=”” label Months md-select ng-model=”params.months[month]” multiple=”true” md-option ng-repeat=”month in ctrl.months ” ng-value=”month” | {{month}} here my controller #= require ./../../module class IncomeStatementIndexCtrl […]

how to Angular2token post name?

After setup device + rails api and create a register component. After create a user and check on db the User just commited the email and password. But, i added the name and nickname on form fields. Someone have any tip to spare? or is with the same issue? Rails console User Load (0.6ms) SELECT “users”.* FROM “users” ORDER BY “users”.”id” DESC LIMIT ? [[“LIMIT”, 1]] => #<User id: 5, provider: “email”, uid: “[email protected]”, name: […]

AngularJS – Is it possible to store {{expressions}} as a $scope.variable value?

I am building a Rails app but using AngularJS for bits of the front end. Is it possible to store {{expressions}} as a $scope.variable value? Code: Here is the angular controller // I am pulling data from the rails controller via the gon gem. $scope.entertainmentTemplate = gon.active_entertainment_template.description; Which translates to: $scope.description = “{{productName}} is a great product and also has awesome {{additionalInfo}}. These are some more example words, blah blah..”; Defined variables in angular controller: […]

Firebase auth or angular2-token?

For a mobile and rails API is better use firebase auth or angular2-token for authentication? Seems that Firebase Auth is more suited for mobile with ionic but if you would like to use Rails API as backend to provide a web service with Angular? so, please give your thoughts! Source: AngularJS