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Return string type from Spring Boot to Angular

I am trying to return a string value from Spring Boot to Angular but it gets an HttpErrorResponse when receives the value. I tried using integer type in spring and number type and in this way it works. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you. This is my code: login-form.component.ts: login() { […]

By luca
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Consuming An endpoint API how to display chart and table in Angular

I have have a service in Angular, which calls data from an API. So when I am trying to display the chart and table but not any result. I’m using fusion chart. I need to know correct way to pass the data into views and bind in table view. Here’s what I have tries Service.ts […]

By Mike 123
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Angular Service Issue Type string | null

I have this issue with my angular code and by the way I’m using angular 13 for my application. the issue is with calling services I’m trying to call user api from the back end and all the time facing this issue. I searched a lot and try everything to make it work but without […]

By Mohamad J Alanbaki
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How can I fix this error with my API (404 not found)

I’m making an application that takes codes from mongoDB and lists them onto a web page, but currently I’m getting an error in the console: GET http://localhost:4200/api/code/codes/ 404 (Not Found) zone.js:2863 I haven’t encountered this error before & I’m not sure if there is an error in my code or a problem with a port, […]

By John F
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Angular HttpErrorResponse GET Request

I have a simple Quarkus project and want to show the data in an Angular table with HttpClient. I also have a CORS Filter. Anyway, I get the following error: Angular table with no date, HttpErrorResponse Status 0 service.ts import { HttpClient } from ‘@angular/common/http’; import { Injectable } from ‘@angular/core’; import { Observable } […]

By brainfock
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Downloadable link from rest API response in angular is asking for authentication

There is a sprint boot API, which is configured with authentication, on accessing it, the response will be a Downloadable link. I tried integrated the same in angular as follows : Basically, using a service file to invoke the rest API, on successful invocation, i am reading the url from the response and , using […]

By LIsa
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Angular creating forms with list of objects and foreign keys

I have created a backend django api that has three tables: boards, sensors, and sensorTypes. The boards table has some information about a board such as its name. The sensors table then has a foreign key for the board as well as a foreign key for the sensorType. This means there is a one to […]

By Anthony McGivern
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Http Post and Get request taking much time to load -Angular

Some of the endpoints from the Angular application take much time to load the data from the sever even it’s returning 10 to 15 records and it’s random in nature(Every time endpoint is different which takes time to load the data). I am using VPN to connect the env. Do i need to do anything […]

By Sarjerao Ghadage
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Performing a POST request and showing the response into an <iFrame>

I’m working an Angular app that will be shown within an <iFrame src="http://myBackendApi/auth"> where the URL in src tag should point to a /POST endpoint that will call my backend to see if the user in the RequestBody is eligible to the app or not and then respond with the frontend URL (eg: http://localhost:4200/myApp). Is […]

By Ghassen
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Implementation of csrf in angular and spring boot project using

How to use csrf in post method of anguar forms and spring boot rest api? use THIS CODE IN ANGULAR: HttpClientModule, HttpClientXsrfModule.withOptions({ cookieName: ‘XSRF-TOKEN’, headerName: ‘X-CSRF-TOKEN’, }) THIS IS IN SPRING BOOT: http.csrf() .csrfTokenRepository(CookieCsrfTokenRepository.withHttpOnlyFalse()); AND GETTING ERROR: {"error":"access_denied","error_description":"Could not verify the provided CSRF token because your session was not found."} Plz suggest. Source: Angular Questions

By Kiran
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