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Category: responsive-design

word wrap in combo box angularjs

In my Angularjs application, I’ve a combobox to get client’s info but some of clients’ names are too long that it affects the whole design like this; It doesn’t even add any horizontal scroll-bar to it so one can read full name. I did RnD on it but didn’t find anything related to it. So we cannot handle this issue in any way? or I’m missing something here? Updated : Code This is my html […]

How to disable native datepicker in android chrome on galaxy s4

I’ve run into a strange and peculiar issue recently. I’m working on a website (angular, wp, scss) dhat uses custom date pickers. My date pickers are done and working. Like a charm. With the unfortunate exception of Samsung Galaxy S4 running Chrome 33 – date picker works there, but whenewer I open it, generic selector also shows up. It’s not full date picker, but single choice radio button thingie labeled Date & Time. What’s funny […]