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No "access-control-allow-origin" in Amazon S3 Response Headers

In my Angular application I take screenshots of divs with Html2Canvas. It works fine but everytime I want to take a screenshot of pictures stored in my Amazon S3 public bucket I have CORS issues. This is the CORS configuration of my bucket: [ { "AllowedHeaders": [ "*" ], "AllowedMethods": [ "GET", "PUT" ], "AllowedOrigins": […]

How can I get my JWT from my header response?

I make a Angular/Java project and I can’t get the JWT token which is in my response. onLoggedin() { this.authService.login(this.user).subscribe((data)=> { let jwToken = data.headers.get(‘Authorization’); this.authService.saveToken(jwToken); this.router.navigate([‘/’]); },(err)=>{ this.err = 1; }); this method calls the following method in my service login(user : User) { return<User>(this.apiURL+’/login’, user , {observe:’response’}); } When I check the […]

What tells the browser to retrieve from cache/ reload a .js file? Behaviour appears to be random despite cache-control header

I managed to set a cache-control header for js files in .net 5 and I can see the response headers in the request in the browser. To test this, I repeatedly refresh the page/ enter in the page from another location and the file seemingly reloads/ retrieves from cache at random. Sometimes from "memory cache" […]

Cannot access exposed response headers from POST

I’m having trouble accessing an exposed custom header using a Fetch POST call in an Ionic 4/Angular app. I’m sending login credentials to an API that should return a Token header in response. On the server side, the Access-Control-Expose-Headers is set to expose the header I’m looking to access (Token), but the header does not […]

Why i get different number of response headers while using Postman and Angular HttpClient?

I use core 3.1 web API to create a response and this is the default template in visual studio. When I call the API on Postman I see 5 response headers but when I call HttpClient.Get (Angular 9) with type ‘observe: response’ and examine response headers I see only 2 headers showConfig() { this.getConfig() […]

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