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Kendo Angular – treeview refreshes (blinks) when adding new node

I am working with kendo treeview component. I am adding a new node to the nodes collection and whole treeview is refreshed. It seems to blink for a while which is not desirable. Adding to the collection: selectedNodes.push(node); And this is my tree: <kendo-treeview [nodes]="selectedNodes" textField="label" kendoTreeViewHierarchyBinding childrenField="children"> </kendo-treeview> Is there any way to prevent […]

By damianbsl
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Angular refresh view after mwl-calendar-month-view [events] value changed

I have a tag in HTML, which displays calendar: <mwl-calendar-month-view *ngSwitchCase="’month’" [viewDate]="viewDate" [events]="eventsValue" > "eventsValue" is a getter for CalendarEvent[] value. I get my calendar events via REST call. Then I subscribe to acquired observable. Inside "subscribe" I do some logic and create new CalendarEvent[] based on the response. Then I assign the newly created […]

By Dahaka
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I want to refresh or reload the $scope evey 60 secs

Hi I am learning angularjs. The main idea is to “refesh” or “reload” the $scope. I was able to refresh the page with this “`location.reload();““. But i was recomended to refresh the $scope, not the hole page. I reserached about this, I reckon I should use apply or digest. As so far the code is […]

By juan ventura rivas
Categorized as angularjs, apply, hash, refresh, timeout

How to trigger page refresh to update value change in sibling components in UI

I am facing issue when one sibling component changes value to be displayed in another sibling component. The value is being changed in script end, whereas the UI is not getting reflected of the change. Source: New feed Source Url How to trigger page refresh to update value change in sibling components in UI

Angular CRUD – Refresh UI after add/update/delete operation

I was wondering that it is better to refresh the UI when executing an add/update/delete operation from a CRUD in Angular. The options are as follows (for example, for delete action): 1. Update local variable with previously fetched data after perform the action. deleteProduct(id) { this.productsService.deleteProduct(id).subscribe(status => { this.products = this.products.filter(item => != id); […]

By Mr Mars
Categorized as angular, crud, refresh, rest

How to handle parameters in url on browser refresh in angular app?

My app is loading url “localhost:4200/teams/team1” on a button click.when I refresh browser, I want my app to load the ‘localhost:4200/teams/team1’. But it looks like angular is not able to fetch “:name” parameter in url whenever I refresh my browser and it redirects it to PageNotFoundComponent. Please help me to find solution. const routes: Routes […]

By jambeard007
Categorized as angular, angular7-router, page-refresh, refresh

Cannot refresh kendo grid on button click in angularjs

I am working with kendo grid in angularjs. My grid is loading fine on page load. however, when I try to hit the search button with updated search criteria, it doesn’t refresh the grid and show the updated grid. Here is my html: <div kendo-grid=”grid” k-toolbar=”toolbarTemplate” k-options=”mainGridOptions”</div> In my controller Im doing this: $scope.mainGridOptions = […]

By Charlotte
Categorized as kendo-grid, refresh Tagged
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