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Laravel 5.6.12 how to redirect to plain html after login

I want to use my laravel installation as a session and request handler without using blade view templates. I’ve added an auth controller to the app with: php artisan make:auth And login, register, forgot password etc. all work perfectly. What I wanna do though is to redirect the user to an angular 4 single page […]

By Bar r m
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Unable to redirect to another page using angular js

I am trying to redirect to another page on successful login, but instead of redirecting to another page, I am getting redirected to the default page which is: .otherwise({ redirectTo: ‘/home’ }) `. Angular code: if(res.status == 200){ console.log($scope.user); alert(‘Login successfull’); $location.path(‘http://localhost:3000/#!/products/add-mew-product’); } Why this is happening, please help. Source: AngularJS

By mayank bisht
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Redirecting to static page when HTTP method is not found on Node backend

I have a single page app written in AngularJS and NodeJS. On the client side, there are several paths that the user can navigate to:!/home!/interests/travel When the user types in a path that does not exist such as!/foo, AngularJS handles it by rerouting to the /notFound path, and then that page redirects […]

By Jabari Dash
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Best solution to overcome "Response to preflight request doesn’t pass access control check" ERROR [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How to enable CORS in AngularJs 4 answers I have my angularJS website now I am facing a problem that when user is opening my website using www then when I am making an Http call to my server then i am not getting any error, but when […]

By Sudhanshu Gaur
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