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Angular <router-outet> is displaying the parent twice

I have a parent component (RemoteMpnitoringOverviewComponent) and a child (FilterIncidentsComponent) that is a modal, but I don’t know why the parent component is displayed twice. I have tried the solution from Angular &lt;router-outlet&gt; displays template twice, but without any result. const routes: Routes = [ { path: ”, canActivate: [MsalGuard], canActivateChild: [MsalGuard], component: RemoteMonitoringOverviewComponent, children: […]

By simpller
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Redirect to react application from angular js

Web app is developed using Angular js(1.5.X). we have started migrating to react and developed dashboard for users with role Admin. So how can I redirect the admin users who successfully login from angular js app to react app. Source: AngularJS Questions

Is there a way to know when an msal redirect is in progress?

Im using the @azure/msal-browser and @azure/msal-angular packages in order to simply retrieve an MSAL token for my signed in users. Since all I really need is the token I have only provided the MsalService and MSAL_INSTANCE in my app.module.ts. I am using the redirect flow and have chosen to subscribe to the .handleRedirectObservable() method myself […]

By skyleguy
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How to prevent messaging app link previews when using a URL redirect

My web app has functionality that redirects the user to an external link. When this link is sent over SMS, several applications (iMessage, Google Messages, etc.) create a link preview that displays the page the user is redirected to. This redirection is extremely undesirable given the application’s functionality. I would love to prevent link previews […]

Angular service worker caching a 302 response to a POST request containing SAML2 object

Based on my understanding the Angular service worker does not/ cannot cache POST requests. However, I am facing a weird problem. My application offers SSO where we are integrating with a client’s ADFS system and parsing a SAML2 XML response. The flow is Employee goes to company’s adfs website, logs in and selects our app […]

Ionic-Angular : .htaccess redirection from desktop to mobile (PWA) and vice versa

I have fully functional desktop site, made with PHP which I have created long back ago. Now I have planned to move to Ionic-Angular for app and PWA. Therefore I am using Ionic v5 with Angular11 to create the mobile site(PWA), SPA. desktop site => mobile site => But right now I cant replace […]

Dealing with redirect uri to a route that does not exist

This is my first post on stack overflow so please bare with me if my question is not as clear. So in my angular app, I’m using the useHash flag to use the HashLocalStrat in my routing. This conflicts with OAuth2’s Implicit strategy so I’ve been thinking of ways to implement a redirect within these […]

By kwii626
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Navigate to desired page after successful login in AngularJS with Asp .NET MVC

I have an AngularJS application. Here we have two separate pages for ex: http://localhost/#!/home/ and http://localhost/#!/admin/params=abc/ The authentication is happening on .Net MVC controller page (.cs file) If user hit the application url in browser, application navigates to authentication page and after successful login navigates the user to "http://localhost/#!/home/" If adminUser hit this specific URL […]

By Nag Arjun
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Htaccess redirect to index.html including semicolons and urlencoded characters

I have an Angular application, so I want all traffic to be redirected to index.html so that Angular can take care of it. Currently, I have the following htaccess: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index.html$ – [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^.*$ /index.html [L,NC,QSA,NE] </IfModule> When I refresh a page, […]

By theberzi
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Routes: redirect to a separate page

I have this in app component html: <h1 class="title">{{ title | uppercase }}</h1> <app-discography-container></app-discography-container> <app-total-albums></app-total-albums> <app-single-album></app-single-album> <router-outlet></router-outlet> then i have another component named video with route declared in app-module: const routes: Routes = [{ path: ‘video’, component: VideoComponent }]; and in app-discography component i have this: <a routerLink="/video" target="_blank"> lorem ipsum </a> When I click […]

By Luke C
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