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Best Technology stack to compare two large text files at front end?

I need to build a SPA Front End Application that would compare two txt files approx 2 million records each and size somewhere around 100MB each. Each file would have thousands blocks of similar data compliant to a schema template with information about fixed length. I am free to choose front end framework from Angular, React, Vue or simple HTML/JS app. What you reckon best way to process such a large data? I explored normalizr […]

JavaScript Checking Array Out of Bounds

I have a matrix as arena and a small matrix as player. With keys user can move around. move(pos) takes argument and inside checks if(pos==”down”) if (!collide(pos)) player.pos.y++; And collide works like if(pos==”down”) for (i = 0; i < player.matrix.length; i++) { for (j = 0; j < player.matrix[i].length; j++) { if ((player.matrix[i][j] && arena[player.pos.y + i + 1][player.pos.x + j]) != 0) result = true; } } This woks perfect till you come edge […]

Using Angular 2.0 or React without changing our build process?

I want to begin using a front-end framework in a very large legacy codebase (just some widgets at first) but with minimal changes to the build process. Management wants to try this but it’s low priority and we have more important things going on, so whatever I do can’t hassle other developers. With Vue and Angular 1.X I can just include a JavaScript file and begin coding. Is it possible to do something similar with […]

Dynamic form components in Angular?

I build a site in Aurelia that generates dynamic forms based off a database template. For example I have two fields that define a component and by looping through all the fields the form gets generated and has two way binding with the datasoure. For a simple example, a text box would be: Component: textbox Field: firstname Then I have a folder of all my html components defined. textbox.html file: <template> <input type=”text” value.bind=’template.value’/> <template> […]

javascript code output Confusion on blank space even after passing a value

Consider this code what will be the Output ? function greet(name) { console.log(; name = name || ‘<Your name here>’; console.log(‘Hello ‘ + name); } var a = “ton”; greet(a); I don’t Understand why am I getting ” ” as a Output in First case here ? Why is is ” ” , even when string “ton” is passed , shoudn’t it be ” ton ” as first output ? Source: AngularJS

C# ASP.NET Core – AccountController / SPA

I have a project that’s ASP.NET Core (using .NET Framework rather than .NET Core as I have some legacy .NET Framework code I want to use that’s Win32 specific and won’t work in .NET Core), set up as Web Application with Individual Accounts. Here’s what I want to do. I’m making an Exercise Tracker, so I want to extend the Registration to include a few more fields: Gender, Display Name, Current Weight, Target Weight, Birthday, […]

How to import angular library in reactjs?

I am trying to use a style library from work for building an application for internal use. I am building the application with React, but the only one I can access is an AngularJs library starting with ‘@SomeStyle’. Is there any way to use the AngularJs library in React? I tried simply use ‘import’ in react, the code compiles, but the browser respond with error Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token import Source: AngularJS

App language: state or setting?

Should I have the app language in the: app’s store and all the app reactive to the store’s state (eventual server side rendering of strings included) settings (ie: not changeable in the front-end), so the language strings and all server side differences are loaded on a page reload, and if we need to change it back a reload might be necessary Is the answer to this based in opinions or is there a clear way […]