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Force scroll to specific top value on external website

Is it possible to make a shortcut go down to the part I want it to through a link even if there are no nearby elements with IDs? I have tried this so far: <a href=””>Go down 200 pixels</a> <!– for some reason this doesn’t work???? (jk i know its ridiculous) –> One requirement is that I do not have access to the website I am linking to, it is external entirely. My question is, […]

print like this * "a" -> "a1" * "aabbbaa" -> "a2b3a2"

I am new to js. can you tell me how to print like this * “a” -> “a1” * “aabbbaa” -> “a2b3a2” i tried with hash map but test cases failing. providing my code below. i am not good in hash map. can you tell me how to solve with hash map so that in future I can fix it my self. not sure what data structure to use for this one. providing my code […]

How to stop Angular $rootElement.on(‘click’) on ReactJS anchor tag?

I’ve AngularJS and ReactJS both running on same page. But when I click on any ReactJS <a> tag, Angular’s $rootElement.on(‘click) getting triggered and page redirects. I want to do few functionalities in ReactJS before page redirection. I don’t want to do changes in ReactJS, can anyone please suggest how I can handle this situation in Angular? Source: AngularJS

regex w in javascript [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How can I exclude some characters from a class? 1 answer i want a regex so that it matches everything in w but not an _ say suppose i have an regex ^[ws,’]*$ in java script and i want to exclude _ in the above expression if use the regex like this ^[^W_s,’]*$ it is not working because it is not accepting the , and ‘ and s […]

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