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How to modify field value of columnDefs in AgGridReact?

how to How to modify field value of columnDefs in AgGridReact? <AgGridReact rowData={rowData} columnDefs={this.state.columnDefs} pagination={true} onGridReady={this.onGridReady} enableSorting enableFilter> </AgGridReact> In the columnDefs field status i want to change based on the status code in the image attached i have status 4 and 5 if the status is 4 i need to display as approve if the status code is 5 i need to display as rejected. I need to modify the status code to respective […]

How to replace multiple keywords in a string with a component

To start off, I’m primarily an AngularJS developer and recently switched to React, and I decided to convert an angular webapp I had previously developed to a react app. Im having a bit of an issue with a component ExpressiveText that searches through a string for a match to a property on a list objects and inserts a component TriggerModal in its place that when clicked triggers a modal with more detailed information. So the […]

Best Practices for SPA (frontend in common) without backend [on hold]

Today I began to learn how to bake the frontend of web applications. I’m backend developer and I’m used to getting layouts from frontend developers or just being asked about API specifications. I know HTML5, JavaScript (jQuery, Vue) and CSS3 on a sufficient level. But I’m confused about frontend architecture and more about how to create SPA applications without backend. Can you share some good practices how to mock API requests and in general, how […]

How to make calculations based on insertion of fields in the reactjs?

handleContractValueChange(e) { this.setState({ currency: }); console.log(; } handleSubscrtiptionAmountChange(e) { this.setState({ subscriptionamount: }); console.log(; } handleQuarterPercentageChange(e){ this.setState({Quarterpercentage:}); console.log(; } <div className=”form-group row”> <label className=”col-sm-2 form-control-label text-xs-right”> Contract Value: </label> <div className=”col-sm-3″> <input type=”text” className=”form-control box_ip” placeholder=”Contract Amount” id=”Contract Value” onChange={this.handleContractValueChange} value={this.state.currency} /> </div> <label className=”col-sm-2 form-control-label text-xs-right”> Monthly Subscription Amount Payback percent</label> <div className=”col-sm-3″> <input type=”text” className=”form-control box_ip” placeholder=”SGD” id=”Subscription Amount” onChange={this.handleSubscrtiptionAmountChange} name=’Subscription Amount’ value={this.state.subscriptionamount} /> </div> </div> <div> <label className=”col-sm-2 form-control-label text-xs-right”> […]

Not able to convert from second digit when working with number to word?

I am using number-to-word component.when converting number to word if it is one digit working fine when i am entering more than 1 digit i am getting an error. <input type=”text” className=”form-control box_ip” placeholder=”No of Shares” id=”No of Preference Shares” onChange={this.handleSharesCountChange} value={this.state.sharescount} /> handleSharesCountChange(e) { let wf = numberToWords.toWords(; this.setState({ sharescount: wf }); console.log(wf); } The other functionality when i am displaying in setState in console its working fine but cant able to convert […]

Which is better to use with electron from react and angular? [on hold]

I have been developing one desktop application and as i was learning this from online plaforms, i identified that everyone is uning either reac.js or angulkar.js with electron.js. My question is that why would some one choose one over another frontend framework? I had searched about this alot and was not able to find specific answer for my question. Source: AngularJS

Best Technology stack to compare two large text files at front end?

I need to build a SPA Front End Application that would compare two txt files approx 2 million records each and size somewhere around 100MB each. Each file would have thousands blocks of similar data compliant to a schema template with information about fixed length. I am free to choose front end framework from Angular, React, Vue or simple HTML/JS app. What you reckon best way to process such a large data? I explored normalizr […]

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