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History not working in multiple instances of ngx-quill editor

I have a page with multiple components where each component contains an instance of the mat-quill editor, when I use the undo redo buttons it only works in the last instance of the editor in the page, it has the same behaviour if I’m using the quill-editor and not the mat-quill. I was trying to […]

By tiagoHB
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Custom font size with quill editor in Angular 10

I am trying to get custom font size in Quill editor like below I wrote the below code <quill-editor [formControlName]="formControlData?.name" [options]="editorOptions" (ready)="onEditorCreated($event)" (change)="onContentChanged($event)"> </quill-editor> and below is the config public editorOptions = { theme: ‘snow’, modules: { toolbar: { container: [ [{ ‘placeholder’: [‘[GuestName]’, ‘[HotelName]’] }], // my custom dropdown [‘bold’, ‘italic’, ‘underline’, ‘strike’], // […]

By user8184933
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Replace Character onKeyPress in angular

in my angular project i use quill-editor i want when user type/press SPACE in their Quill editor, i’d like to replace it with the – is it possible in quill-editor? what do you suggest? Source: Angular Questions

By Hossein Rahmian
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Quill adds empty lines after 1 empty line, ngx-quill

"ngx-quill": "^7.3.9", I add one empty line between paragraphs And after saving it becomes: Project is on Angular 2+ I tried: ::ng-deep .ngx-quill-editor p > br display: none p:not(:last-of-type) margin-bottom: 1rem But this doesn’t allow make 2 paragraps without vertical space between it Also I tried to solve it with js private removeExcessEmptyLine() { const […]

By Tatyana Molchanova
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Quill Editor with math formula adding feature in Angular

I have Implemented a quill editor in angular. It can style the text message, Add images and video links, etc which works well now As per requirement I may want to add mathematical formulas like this along with the above features. Can anyone please suggest to me an editor for performing this action in angular […]

By jishnu
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How can I resolve get is not defined of my quilljs function

I want to add MS Word formatting in my quill.js so I find this function public static updateQuillInstance(quillInstance) { quillInstance.clipboard.addMatcher(Node.ELEMENT_NODE, (node, delta) => { return this.msftFormattingMatcher(node, delta); }); } private static msftFormattingMatcher(node, delta) { const htmlElementWithMetadata = node.ownerDocument.activeElement; const allOpSpanElementsNested: any[] = get(htmlElementWithMetadata, ‘children[0].children’, []); const allOpSpanElements: any[] = []; // superscript styling is nested […]

By user10863293
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Problem with Quill in Angular ngx-smart-modal popup

Create Content in Quill working fine, I’m trying to edit Missing alignment. create:-create image <p>One</p><p>Two</p><p>Three</p> Edit:-update image <p>OneTwoThree</p> Source: Angular Questions

By lalli
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CSS classes have no effect on Quill Editor classes Angular

I’m trying to add CSS to my quill editor, but no CSS is applied in any class. Below is my template <div class="container"> <form [formGroup]="editForm"> <quill-editor [modules] = "config" (onEditorChanged) = "onContentChange($event)" formControlName="editor"></quill-editor> </form> </div> AS clearly you can see this includes classes like ql-editor and ql-toolbar (below Image) so i apply CSS to those […]

By Steve Lennon
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Quill editor html class not able to style in email body

am using angular 10 and included ngx quill editor to show the rich text editor. when we save the html content into database, it saves with html class type like below: <li class="ql-indent-2">lbmlkfdnblblfdsb</li> and when we send an email through our app, we send the above content in the email body but the css class […]

By Pradeep
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Is it possible to get access to click events from quill-mention?

I would like to redirect users from editor if they click on @mention (or #tag) elements provided by quill-mention. (Angular + ngx-quill + quill-mention). Is it possible? If so, how? Or do I need another, more sophisticated editor? Source: Angular Questions

By embu
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