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Angular serve working, Angular build not updating files

I’m running a project with an Angular front-end and a Django back-end. Today when I changed some code in the templates the ng build didn’t update. I have discovered that it neither updates template changes nor component changes. However, when I run ng serve instead and go to instead of the Django port 8000 the new updates versions are rendered. The way I have it set up is that I have a template that […]

Gett JSON from python API

I am experimenting with some web programming. I wrote a python API that will make a query to an SQL database and return a JSON. The API works as expected. On the other hand, I have a controller where I make the GET request to use the JSON. The GET request is made and the API gets rolling; however, when the API returns the JSON the following appears in the developer console of the browser: […]

How to put json data in a ui by python

I have a big JSON data which I want to put is a UI where backend code will be python. I got a big JSON data which getting generated from rest services API. After that, I want to read that JSON data via python and put that in a UI so that it can be easily readable. can anyone help which path should I choose? Source: AngularJS

Web app calling an other web app

i’m currently working on two different web apps, one in angular5 and the other one in angularjs/python with two different databases. My boss asked me to make a link between those apps, the databases doesn’t need to communicate between each other. The best option for me would be to setup a button in the angular5 app which will call the other webapp. I just have no idea of what’s possible because i never used angular5 […]

Perform 3 tasks in a single api call

My current api call flow from my client is as follows: Send data to brand endpoint, retrieve recently inserted id, assign to userData.brand Send data to user endpoint, retrieve recently inserted id, assign to userData.user Send both values to userBrand endpoint This seems like a costly process, so I am thinking of consolidating all the requests into one, but I am not sure how to process it from the server side. I know that I […]

Pre Download Filter to prevent duplicate records being downloaded?

Hello Folks i have a python flask app(Angular JS for UI) that has a button which when clicked simply downloads an excel file , the problem is that the downloaded file contains exactly 2 duplicates of all records, i have applied unique filter in Angular but still the problem occurs. Thanks in Advance <div class=”col-lg-3 col-sm-3 col-md-3 col-xs-12″> <label class=”selected”>Item *</label> <select class=”form-control” ng-model=”filters.item” ng-options=”i.item as i.item for i in filter_data | unique:’item’ | orderBy:’item'” […]

Ajax request showing the text in file instead of the result

I am exploring web development using angularJs and python When i try to make an ajax call to execute a script in python i receive the whole text inside the python script rather than the result. I am running a basic python 2.7 httpserver. This is my code: Ajax call from javascript $scope.login = function(userName,password){ $http({ method : “GET”, url : “” }).then(function (response) { console.log(; }); }; Python script import json userName = “” […]

HTTP 400 message bad request on POST – views and serializers code not designed correctly

I keep getting the following error: POST 400 (Bad Request) Whenever I attempt to POST data from my AngularJS application to my Django backend. On the client side, I have: function registerCreator(creatorData) { var url =‘apiUrl’) + “/creator_signup/”; var dataJSON = { first_name: creatorData.firstName, last_name: creatorData.lastName, email:, youtube_channel_username: creatorData.username, youtube_channel_url: creatorData.url, youtube_channel_title: creatorData.title, youtube_channel_description: creatorData.description, photo:, youtube_channel_start_date: creatorData.startDate, keywords: creatorData.keywords, no_of_subscribers: creatorData.noOfSubscribers, no_of_videos: creatorData.noOfVideos, no_of_views: creatorData.noOfViews, no_of_likes: creatorData.noOfLikes, no_of_dislikes: creatorData.noOfDislikes, location: […]

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