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unable to load dynamic page in view only mode based on condition

In jade file, on particular condition i need to make the field in view only mode. but when i give the condition ng-class=”details.lockedStatus.isLocked ? ‘view’ : ‘editView’” . The page is not fully rendered…… form(name=”mainForm” class=”form-horizontal” ng-class=”details.lockedStatus.isLocked ? ‘view’ : ‘editView'”) md-content(style=””) md-tabs(md-dynamic-height=”, md-border-bottom=”) md-tab(label=’Project Details’)”color:#315a8e”) Project Infomation md-content(md-theme=’docs-dark’, style=”font-size: 16px; width: 99%;” layout-padding=” class=”border”) div(ng-repeat=”p in details.project_details” class=”col-md-3″ style=”margin-top:10px; margin-top: 10px; float: left;”) md-input-container(style=”” ng-if=”p.type == ‘text'” class=”col-md-12″) label {{p.label}} <span style=”color:#ff0000″ […]

ng repeat json parse show empty string

I had the array of objects string from a list of array. I convert object string to object using method of JSON.parse the object but it shows empty within ng-repeat. Jade .item.col-md-4(ng-repeat=’p in searchData | filter: paginate | orderBy: sortKey ‘) // `p` is a object of string, for example “{id:2, name:’abel’}”; – var property = JSON.parse(“{{ p }}”); // Error at this line +AddPropertyCard(property) Error var property = JSON.parse(“”); Unexpected token { in JSON […]