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Passing a date by reference, so I can change it in the function?

I am using primeng’s p-calendar as a filter in the header of a table. I need to select a date but also enter one by hand, so had to implement an injectable service with a handleSelection method. The ugly problem is that I currently have to return the current selectedValue and assign it to the […]

By Andrew
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Angular primeng calendar locale not working

I want to change the first day of the week on the primeng’s calendar. I saw on the primeng’s documentation i can pass to the component p-calendar a locale object. And this is the interface: export interface LocaleSettings { firstDayOfWeek?: number; dayNames?: string[]; dayNamesShort?: string[]; dayNamesMin?: string[]; monthNames?: string[]; monthNamesShort?: string[]; today?: string; clear?: string; […]

By JackyShows
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pop up message not await for user response and moving on on onclick function

I have this logic on changing radio-button selection, if the user made some changing I am showing a message. if he confirm it will enter Onconfirm, else – Onreject. 1 issue -> the change of the radio button happens before the message show. 2 issue -> one reject I want to cancel the choice he […]

By Yoel Perkal
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ERROR TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘label’) [closed]

I have this error in terminal ERROR TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘label’) error image this is my orders-list.component.html <ng-template pTemplate="body" let-order> <tr> <td>{{ }}</td> <td>{{ order.totalPrice }}</td> <td>{{ order.dateOrdered | date: ‘short’ }}</td> <td> <p-tag [value]="orderStatus[order.status].label" [severity]="orderStatus[order.status].color" ></p-tag> </td> <td> <p-button (click)="deleteOrder(" styleClass="p-button-danger mr-2" icon="pi pi-trash" ></p-button> <p-button (click)="showOrder(" styleClass="p-button-success" icon="pi […]

Google Map js is not loading in Primeng P-dialog?

I created a map component and i written code for displaying google map but when I am trying to show google map in p-dialog box in another component(by calling map component with selector), its not displaying. I am attaching stackblitz link for reference :- Please help me in these issue. Thanks in advance Source: […]

By Sunny
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prevent onclick event while changing radio button of primeng

Hi have simple radio buttons of primeng, while changing the choise, I have some logic on the onClick function, checking if the user changed some fields, if he changed I will show message if he sure he want to leave the choice of the radio button, if he will press "cancel" I want to cancel […]

By Yoel Perkal
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How can I view drop down options after cloning the row?

I am new to js, and I want to implement a functionality in which I want to clone the row which contains p-dropdown. On cloning, I am unable to select the dropdown of cloned row. Here’s the demo url: I have referred few sites but I didn’t understand how it can be implemented in […]

How to implement my own logic with implicit variable "editing" using primeng p-table with editMode="row"

As mentioned on primeng website it is possible to implement my own logic for implicit variable "editing" but they do not provide an example. An implicit variable called "editing" is passed to the body template so you may come up with your own UI controls that implement editing based on your own requirements such as […]

By papps
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Primeng colorpicker panel cut off

I am using the primeng colorpicker and doing <p-colorPicker id="colorpicker" [inline]="false" [ngModel]="color" (onChange)="changeColor($event)"></p-colorPicker> However, when I click on the colorpicker and the panel comes up, it’s cut off and looks like this: How do I get the panel to pop out rather than it being cut off like that? I tried to do appendTo=body but […]

By fairlyMinty
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How to change primeng Panel Menu style using scss

I want to change my panel menu color to black. here is my HTML code. <p-panelMenu styleClass="font-bold bg-transparent text-white text-xs flex-1 border-none m-0" [model]="items"></p-panelMenu> Source: Angular Questions

By Damith Asanka
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