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PrimeNG p-table align pagination dropdown to left and add custom text

I am using PrimeNG p-table for displaying the tabular data as follows : <p-table [value]="data" [columns]="settings.columns" [paginator]="true" [rows]="10" [rowsPerPageOptions]="[10,25,50,100]" [totalRecords]="total" [autoLayout]="true" [pageLinks]="3" [loading]="loading"> <ng-template pTemplate="header"> <tr> <th *ngFor="let header of settings.columns" [pSortableColumn]="header.field"> {{ header.title }} </th> <th *ngIf="settings.actions">Actions</th> </tr> </ng-template> <ng-template pTemplate="body" let-row> <tr> <ng-container *ngFor="let column of settings.columns"> <td class="rm-release_table-cell" [style.width]=column.width> <div> <p *ngIf="column.dataType […]

How to make sure dropdown model loads after dropdown options load completes without breaking async nature of code in angular 9

I have primeng dropdown and two service calls, one making calls to get dropdown options and one to get model binding data. Once I saved the selected value and reload the page, occasionally selected value is not showing. I believe this because of the async nature of the service calls. I guess the model value […]

By LilRazi
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Filtering p-dataView with p-dropdown NgPrime

I am struggling with filtering a dataView with a dropdown menu using NgPrime. It’s specifically the dropdown that’s giving me a hard time. In fact, I have a working pInputText that filters the dataView for the same thing which tells me it’s my dropdown that isn’t working, not the dataView in general. dataView definition: <p-dataView […]

Looking solutions for a custom dropdown with dynamic form drop down option

I’m using angular 5 and primeng version 6 for my current project. I’m trying to implement a drop down component.But I need to implement dynamic option with form on it,like the image provided.that form(drop down option) has some function on it. I have tried this, but no luck. <select > <option value="1"> <form> <label>AO Drink […]

Angular PrimeNG how to get a list of options by clicking on the input filed instead of button?

I am trying to rebuild a dropdown and I faced some issues. I am using the basic dropdown on my project and I need to see the whole list of options on clicking the input field. I cannot use the arrow icon from the second example. I already tried to use the following events from […]

By Oleander93
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Angular PrimeNG — How to change the style of p-dropdown that rowsperpageoptions generates in p-paginator tag

I have a question about p-paginator to ask for help. On the official website, it gives the example with uses of the attribute “rowsperpageoptions”. It is displayed like this, with p-dropdown that rowsperpageoptions generates along with the page nums in one line. However my code would make them seperated like this, Is there a way […]

By Sandy Lueng
Categorized as angularjs, primeng, primeng-dropdowns

How to update defaultLabel dynamically in primeNg multiselect

In primeNg multiselect I’m unselecting the items from ts file, I can able to unselect but this will not gets updated in the input field. someComponent.html <p-multiSelect [options]=”cities1″ maxSelectedLabels=0 selectedItemsLabel=”{0} items selected” [(ngModel)]=”selectedCities1″></p-multiSelect> <div *ngFor=”let city in selectedCities1 let i=index”> <button (click)=”delete(i)”>{{city}}</button> </div> someComponent.ts delete(i){ //using splice method to remove item from selectedCities1 array } […]

By pjay
Categorized as angular, primeng, primeng-datatable, primeng-dropdowns, typescript
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