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PrimeNG – Organization chart

I’m trying to implement an organization chart from PrimeNG. I managed to copy/paste the basic chart. But I want to use the advanced one. So I checked out the Source section. What I did: 1) Copied the relevant HTML part of the advanced case into my HTML holder in my Angular component 2) Added the “styles” to my “app.component.ts”. I commented out the standard variable: “styleUrls” 3) Copied in the relevant data for the class […]

‘FullCalendar" can’t adjust time lower than 30 minutes

I am working on the Schedule in PrimeNG : I am facing the issue how to add time to the Schedule. I see that it only can add date to the Schedule and adjust the time more than 30 minutes. It can’t adjust the duration time lower than 30 minutes. I am using Angular 2 technology in my app. Do you have any ideas for my case ? I want to create the Schedule […]