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jwt-decode + popper.js is not working in the application

I am using bootstrap 4 in my applications , for the drop down I have installed the popper.js dependency. I have a use case where I have to decode the JWT token obtained from the API . To decode the JWT I am using the jwt-decode dependency jwt-decode When I use the jwt-decode dependency the […]

By santhosh
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Angular: Popper Event Binding

So I am trying to make a dropdown using the popper in angular. I have popper innerHTML in ngoninit() defined something like this: this.popper.innerHTML = `<div class="bg-white mt-1" style="min-width:12rem"> <div class="py-1 z-50"> <a (click)=abc()>1</a> <a>2</a> </div> </div> Then I use create popper to insert or remove it, but because this is done dynamically, I cannot […]

Bootstrap dropdown not working in Angular – Uncaught TypeError: n is not a constructor

I’m experiencing a very weird issue. I’m working on an Angular 10 project with bootstrap (not NGBootstrap, I know it exists but I prefer to use normal bootsrap), and popper and jquery are installed and alleadded in angular.json like so (no references in index.html or anywhere else): "styles": [ "src/styles.scss", "node_modules/@angular/material/prebuilt-themes/indigo-pink.css", "node_modules/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css", "node_modules/@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/css/all.css" ], "scripts": […]

By Marcos Arroyo
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What is ngrok-stable-windows-amd64

While installing popper.js using npm i –save popper, it started installing other packages rather than popper.js as you can see in the picture below. Why is it downloading ngrok-stable-windows-amd64 which I have encircled in red in the picture. Click here to view the image Source: Angular Questions

Jquery and popper.js not working when I integrated it into angular

I want to integrate jquery and popper.js in my angular project I installed both and add to packages.json as well as in angular.json but it doesn’t work packages.json : "dependencies": { "@angular/animations": "~10.0.6", "@angular/common": "~10.0.6", "@angular/compiler": "~10.0.6", "@angular/core": "~10.0.6", "@angular/forms": "~10.0.6", "@angular/platform-browser": "~10.0.6", "@angular/platform-browser-dynamic": "~10.0.6", "@angular/router": "~10.0.6", "popper.js": "^1.16.1", "bootstrap": "^4.5.3", "jquery": "^3.5.1", "rxjs": "~6.5.5", […]

By ybadr
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popover is not visible when upgraded the bootstrap to latest version 4.5.2

The popover is not visible when we upgraded the bootstrap.js to the latest version. The element is visible while inspecting it but it is not showing in the UI. We have added popper.min.js along with the bootstrap-js upgrade. <a tabindex="0" role="button" class="btn btn-danger btn-block" data-bind="visible: testvisible" id="btnDeleteSource" data-container=".modal-body" data-toggle="popover" data-trigger="focus" data-placement="bottom" data-html="true" title="Test Delete" data-content='<p>test</p><button […]

Popper.js in angularjs (Version 1.4)

I install popper.js using bower in angularjs application which uses 1.4 version of angular. I am trying to use Popper in one of my angular directive using below code. function onClick() {; new Popper(element, popup, { placement: ‘bottom’ }); } It’s giving me Popper is not defined error which seems because i haven’t injected […]

By Jayesh Dhandha
Categorized as angular, angularjs, bower, popper.js

Bootstrap dropdown not working in angular 8 project

I’ve installed the following packages: npm install –save [email protected] npm install –save popper.js angular-popper npm install jquery –save And added the styles and scripts in the angular.json file in this order: “styles”: [ “./node_modules/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css”, “src/styles.css” ], “scripts”: [ “./node_modules/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js”, “./node_modules/popper.js/dist/umd/popper.min.js”, “./node_modules/bootstrap/dist/js/bootstrap.min.js” ] Then just followed the official example: <div class=”container headerComponent min-height-header”> <div class=”btn-group”> <button […]

By Andr s Serra
Categorized as angular, bootstrap-4, javascript, jquery, popper.js

Angular @types/bootstrap error: Namespace ‘popper.js’ has no exported member

I’ve done a fair amount of searching and have been unable to come up with any guidance on an error – the one article I found seems to indicate that it may just be a version compatibility issue, but I am unsure of whether that’s actually the case. I have used npm install @types/bootstrap, along […]

By user3279897
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