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How to deploy an NX monorepo (Angular+NestJS) with mysql database to server using Plesk?

I created an Nx monorepo (Angular+NestJS) with mysql database. Since this is my fist time to deploy a nodejs based application, it is difficult to me. There are some tutorials online that they upload whole the code and then run the npm. They choose app.js as starter file. Which file should I choose as starter […]

By Ashur
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Angular Universal Build on Plesk – View page source not render

I try to deploy an Angular app on Plesk. I add angular universal to my application, and run build:ssr. On the Server, I install node js 12 also install pm2 and deploy the build folder [browser and server] folders and make the path to dist/MyApp/browser also run /opt/plesk/node/12/bin/pm2 start dist/MyApp/server/main.js After all of this, view […]

By Sameh Mohamed Omr
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405 not allowed nginx

I just uploaded my angular app into my server on Plesk, the app works just fine and it’s based on REST-API. so when I tried to test it I got this error when I send my first POST request 405 Not Allowed nginx at first, I got the forbidden page when tried to access the […]

By hidri elaa
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How to deploy angular universal on Plesk panel (apache)

I have problem with running Angular Universal on my Plesk panel (apache): already i insalled nodejs: i do npm run build:ssr on my localhost and copy the dist from localhost to httpdocs directory on plesk. copied package.json on httpdocs directory; in this step what i should do ? I clicked on Run script in my […]

By Maher
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