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How do I display the Steam OpenID page in a popup window?

On the server side I have implemented a working authentification via passport-steam. When I open the URL …/api/v1/connect/steam it redirects me to the Steam Login page and when I succesfully log in, it redirects me back to returnURL. But now I want to connect it with my frontend and this is where I’m a bit lost. To access …/api/v1/connect/steam I have to send an authorization header (Firebase Authentification) with Bearer <token>. Otherwise I can’t access […]

how can I use mitreId openid in a angular and java based project

I am fairly new to the openId connect, I want integrate MitreId OpenId connect server in my project that is based on angular and java (servlet), but I have no idea how to integrate. I read the documentation of mitreId but unable to configure it. Please help me with some example or link so that I can understand and able to implement. Requirement When I try to login with app it go to the mitreid […]