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what’s mean @ in node_modules dependency name? [duplicate]

I started node js and angular learning recently. I installed angular with npm install, in node_modules folder, some dependency starts with @… my question is what’s the difference between them that name starting with @ and them not starting with @… For more info see the below image… Thanks in advance Source: Angular Questions

By stackprogramer
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Angular Social login package ‘angularx-social-login’ gives error Namespace has no exported member ‘eeFactoryDeclaration’

We are using Angular 9, and trying to implement package ‘angularx-social-login’ for social media login. It is installed successfully, but as we are importing classes from package in app.module.ts it gives us error as below: Namespace ‘"C:/xampp/htdocs/ABC/node_modules/@angular/core/core"’ has no exported member ‘eeFactoryDeclaration’ This is the error which we are getting while implementing angularx-social-login This code […]

NPM build is hanging in azure dev ops

This may be a similar issue to this question: npm run build hangs indefinitely on azure. Our build has worked fine for months. Now for some reason npm build will not work in azure. The code can build locally, but no code version will work in azure. Here is where it hangs: Here is what […]

By Chaster johnson
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Angular importing custom npm package gives "unexpected value" and @NgModule annotation error

I have an application that needs to be "part" of other applications. To do this I moved my components, services, interfaces, etc. to a library (published to AWS for private use). When I install the library into one my applications and attempt to use it I get: ERROR in Unexpected value ‘MyAppModule in D:/projects/my-project/node_modules/@my_appstore/my-app/my_appstore-my-app.d.ts’ imported […]

By dcp3450
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How to control developer property input to components via ESLint?

I’m building a design system, which can be imported into anyone’s Angular library. I wish to be able to, assuming they have this custom ESLint Plugin installed, throw error or warning messages when a developer is using the design system (made up of pre-built Angular components) and passes in (or doesn’t pass anything in) invalid […]

By Jamie Bohanna
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how do I get previous 3 or 5 financial years dynamically

npm WARN deprecated [email protected]: npm ERR! cb() never called! npm ERR! This is an error with npm itself. Source: AngularJS Questions

http://localhost:8080/ shows only the name of the base-file in angular | Is it a web-pack issue?

I am very new to angular, and I am unable to find any solution for this issue. When code is run, it opens blank-page at localhost with just the name of the base file. I think it’s a web-pack issue. I have updated the modules, but the error still persists. Any help is greatly appreciated! […]

By Eshita Shukla
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function error Using natural nodejs library in Ionic angular

uh, I am currently developing an Ionic Application (latest version something like 6). I’d like to create some content-based recommender system using TFIDF and Cosine Similarity. Since there are library that help calculate TFIDF with natural, so I went to include natural nodejs library in my project. I did install natural library in my project. […]

By k630872
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Upgrading angular from 9 to 12

I am trying to upgrade our angular application from 9 to 12 but i understnad we have to do it one release at a time so i am still stuck in step 1 from 9 to 10 I run ng update @angular/[email protected] @angular/[email protected] –allow-dirty — force and then ng update @angular/[email protected] –allow-dirty –force and then […]

By Miroo
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‘@types/[email protected]’ is not in the npm registry

I am trying to use chartjs-plugin-waterfall with angular. I have installed both chartjs & waterfall plugin as followed in package.json. I am getting the following errors. Error: Could not find a declaration file for module ‘chartjs-plugin-waterfall’. ‘d:/Angular/newProjClone/practice01/node_modules/chartjs-plugin-waterfall/lib/chartjs-plugin-waterfall.js’ implicitly has an ‘any’ type. Try npm i –save-dev @types/chartjs-plugin-waterfall if it exists or add a new declaration […]

By karthickOnDev
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