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nodemailer & multer with attachment does not have callback on success

I followed the outline here to get multer setup: to send an attachment with form. And then I checked others resources such as this: for how to get a callback using multer, but with no luck. I do not see any official documentation about sending a success callback back to the client side. I am using angular for the front end. The form emails fine including the attachment, but i’d like to know when […]

node file attachment from $http post is not recognized (nodemailer/angular)

I have researched some of the other methods recommending file attachment to be included WITH a form (including File Upload using AngularJS) however, none seem to help with how to handle the file in node. The email content sends successfully using nodemailer and even indicates the attachment in the email client where the email is received, but the file itself is not there in the email client (see screenshots below): As I step through the […]

Angular with Nodemailer app & routes not linking on form submit /POST

I have not used Node/Express in well over a year so I am a bit rusty. I have followed many other examples on setting up an Angular form to sent a /POST request which then uses the nodemailer sendMail() method. When I click on submit on my form, nothing happens, but the Angular controller gets a 200 response. server.js: var express = require(‘express’); var app = express(); var port = 9000; var apiRoutes = require(‘./app/routes.js’); […]