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.Net Core Angular 4 – Duplicate app component on bundle rebuilding

My project is using the Visual Studio .Net-Core AngularJS Template (i.e with the app.module.shared.ts,app.module.browser.ts,app.module.server.ts files) I was having a strange issue whereby whenever I made changes a new <app> element was being added to my DOM, and the old <app> element wasn’t being removed. If I refreshed the page it all went back to normal. Source: AngularJS

Modular .NET Core Web Application with AngularJS and WebAPI [on hold]

I want to working on the Single Page Application Based on .Net Core 2.0 with AngularJS for front-end. We have request that the application must be modular, which means that we must separate Back-end and front-end for each modules. We have been trying to find best approach for the project. We try to use ASP.NET Boilerplate – Application Framework for this approach but i don’t know how to support static files such as html and […]