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Github Actions – Move onto the next step/job when the previous step is a running process (i.e. backend server in a monorepo)

I want to use Github Actions for CI and run tests before the branch can be merged. I have a monorepo with Nest & Angular. I am using Cypress/Jest for my tests. I need my backend running for my frontend cypress tests to pass… Currently GH Actions doesn’t move onto the next step because the […]

display MongoDb stored images at front end with variables in Angular?

I’m facing an Issue displaing images at front end(Angular).I’m getting the images from backend(MongoDB/NestJs) and the images are stored in a variable(formcController) of formGroup in Angular, as the baseurl of the image is attached with a property present in an entity, and I want to display them at front end, but I’m facing two errors/issues, […]

By M Nouman
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adding user signiture to JWT

I am using Nestjs + Angular frameworks, after signing a new JWT and send to the frontend , the user can copy the token and reuse it in a new device how can I add a signature to that token to only work on that browser or device, also how to hide that token from […]

By Kamal Radwan
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How to pass parameters in router.navigateByUrl .concat()

Here is my code, I can’t find how to pass parameters in router this.router.navigateByUrl(jM.LOGIN_PAGE),t.url==="/".concat("page")||t.url==="/".concat(jM.LOGIN_PAGE)) Source: Angular Questions

By Thazin Wai
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NestJS GET return file from HTTP response

I need to return file what i getting from HTTP response from another server. Schema: MY-FRONTEND <-> MY-BACKEND <-> BACKEND-WITH-FILES I have a controller export class MyController { constructor( private fileService: FileService, ) { } @Get(‘download’) download(@Res() res, @Query(‘id’) id: string) { .subscribe( result => { // how i can send file from there […]

By Igor Zinchenko
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How to attach an image while posting a Book in NestJs?

I have two components, one is Book and second is Images. In image component I’m uploading images in diskspace. And in Book schema I have a property for images as well, because I want to upload the images for the book. I want to upload the image along with the book. But I don’t have […]

By M Nouman
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Do I need Backend-for-Frontend if I am using a framework like Angular

I am using Angular for my frontend application, there is an already established backend service which I am using to retrieve data. I have no control over that backend service, it is more like a legacy system that is still in use. I also implemented a middleware backend with Nest.js to make sure the application […]

Error between nginx and nestjs authentication part

I try to use a NestJS backend with a Nginx reverse proxy. I have coded an authentication part in my NestJS backend. My problem is that when I used my frontend / backend in local mode, all is ok. When I use it through Nginx, I always retrieve a 401 error. I think it’s due […]

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CORS blocking request even though server CORS is enabled

I have a NestJS API and Angular web application. I have enabled CORS in main.ts file and it works fine. I am using JWT authentication along with an interceptor on the angular side to check the status code returned from API. The call to a route with [Authorize] attribute is successful when the token is […]

By Shakur
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How to pass multiple parameters in a function of service files in Angular with nestJS

I’m writing a code in angular which is connected with an api created in nestjs.My update function is not working , as, in the update function there are two parameters. So I’m facing difficulty to pass two parameters in putupdate methode.And I’m lacking logic to implement the proper update function. Due to that I also […]

By M Nouman
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