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How to Show Internet connection status on user-menu in Angular11- Nebular Nb-user

I am working a project in angular 11. I want to show online/offline status as shown below picture. If online then Green Dot, If offile then Red Dot. .ts userMenu = [ { title: "Profile" }, ] .html <nb-action class="user-action"> <nb-user [nbContextMenu]="userMenu" [onlyPicture]="userPictureOnly" [name]="user?.userName"> </nb-user> </nb-action> Can anyone give idea to do like this Source: […]

By hanushi
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how to create a drop down list inside nbcontextmenu – Nebular Angular11

I am trying to put a menu like this [ and My menu : userMenu = [ {title: ‘Profile’}, { title: ‘Change Themes’ }, { title: ‘Show Time ‘ }, { title: ‘Log out’ }, ];; My html <nb-action class="user-action"> <nb-user [nbContextMenu]="userMenu" [onlyPicture]="userPictureOnly" [name]="user?.userName"> </nb-user> </nb-action> I want add drop down for change theme and […]

By hanushi
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How to Use Lordicon inside the NbMenu bar

Inside the NbMenu bar i used nb-icons. I need to replace this nb-icons with this annimated lordicons. page-menu.ts file import { NbMenuItem } from ‘@nebular/theme’; export const MENU_ITEMS: NbMenuItem[] = [ { title: ‘Menu1’, icon: ‘calendar-outline’, link: ‘a link here’, }, { title: ‘Menu2’, icon: ‘gift-outline’, link: ‘a link here’, }, { title: ‘Menu3’, […]

By hanushi
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Nebular Ngx-admin , how can i change width of nb-auth-block from 35 rem to full width

I created a new component for login and register, and i want to change the width of the content, but the nb-auth-block tag has always max-width:35rem; I tried to change it in auth.component.scss but didn’t work, and everywhere in code where it was 35rem. How can i change the width of nb-auth-block to full-width? Thank […]

By George Dascalu
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we require Nebular template of ngx-admin with ionic framework

great work from Nebular team, good user experience in ngx-admin & customised theme,but please provide ngx-admin template in ionic framework Source: Angular Questions

By Madhu
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disable a nb-stepper button in angular if no option selected

I am a beginner at angular I have a stepper and i want to disable the button next of the stepper if no option is selected in my nb-select i tried using [disabled] = "indicatorForm.invalid" , but it didn’t work. Here is the source code, i’d appreciate your help. <nb-step label="Indicateurs"> <form #indicatorForm = "ngForm" […]

By Ali
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(Angular, Nebular) Two factor authentication with JWT and SMS

I am trying to do two factor authentication using JWT and SMS code verification. Please direct me, how can I to do it? Should I extend NbPasswordAuthStrategy or something else, or maybe its impossible and I have create my own implementation? I have implemented JWT authentication with NbPasswordAuthStrategy and on backend side with Spring Security […]

Enabling multiple selections in a nb-select, when Angular’s ngModel is set

<form #form="ngForm" (ngSubmit)="formSubmit(form.value)"> <nb-select name="select" ngModel multiple> <nb-option value="1">Item 1</nb-option> <nb-option value="2">Item 2</nb-option> <nb-option value="3">Item 3</nb-option> <nb-option value="4">Item 4</nb-option> </nb-select> </form> When I add "multiple" to the nb-select, following error arises: ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Can’t assign single value if select is marked as multiple I’m not angular expert, so I’m not sure […]

By velediqa
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Ngx-admin akveo/nebular menu click refreshing pages.compoent.ts

I am using ngx-admin template with nebular. I am trying to pull dynamic menu in sidebar from api side onclick of login I’m pulling menu from api and recreating structure based on nebular structure. As I’m pulling menu from API, it takes few mins and pages.component loading as soon as login so it will show […]

Could I change the Ng2-smartTable NoDataMessage Style

Can u please guide me to apply css style to (noDataMessage: ‘Loading, Please wait…’,..) I am able to handle dynamically but I would like to change the fontstyle and text-alignt to center…. settings = { mode: "external", columns: { } actions: { add: false, delete: false, position: ‘right’, edit: true, }, noDataMessage: ‘Loading, Please wait…’, […]

By Krishna Nirmal
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