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What framework are you using for Nativescript?

What framework are you using for Nativescript? Source: Angular Questions

How to make routing path with nested dynamic routes

I have a module in the app with next routing: Two tabs with compared items (let’s call them cats and dogs). One tab with dynamic list of cats, 1 tab with dynamic list of dogs. This is the routing: export const routes: Routes = [{ path: ”, component: PetTabsComponent, resolve: { items: PetResolver, }, children: […]

By Sergey Kudryashov
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Failed to build plugin @nativescript/firebase : Error: Command gradlew.bat failed with exit code 1

When I run my app I am getting this error: nativescript-plugin-firebase: building for same environment, not forcing prepare. FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. What went wrong: Execution failed for task ‘:javaPreCompileRelease’. This project uses AndroidX dependencies, but the ‘android.useAndroidX’ property is not enabled. Set this property to true in the file and retry. […]

Show events on the RadCalendar year view

I’m working on angular nativescript project and using RadCalendar component. I have an array of events that are shown on the RadCalendar but only on the MonthView or DayView. It is not shown on the YearView. Is there any way to show events on the RadCalendar YearView somehow ? MonthView showing events YearView not showing […]

NativeScript automatic sms listening | Android and iOS

I’m trying to implement a SMS receiver that will work on both Android and iOS as I am developing on the NativeScript framework, this needs to automatically listen for SMS’s containing OTP, similar to the functionality WhatsApp has. I’ve already attempted the following plugin : NativeScript SMS Receiver, this is primarily for Android implementation, and […]

By TejjD
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Nativescript/Angular navigating from one feature module to another with Tabs

I have an issue navigating from one feature module to another feature module. My router structure looks like on the image below. I have seen this type of challenges have been already resolved e.g. this SO question but I do not understand how to combine changing selectedIndex and routing between modules. I’d like to go […]

How to set Android specific height/width of UI components in NativeScript with Angular?

I am trying to show some Images on my NativeScript app. I set the image height and width in my CSS class. The height/width works for images in iOS but it does not work on Android. I could not find any solution to this. So, I was wondering if there is any way to target […]

By Prabhas Kumra
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Nativescript Cardview Style

I would like to do something like the attached file with the cardview: I have also shared the code that I have been trying with Nativescript for Angular: <StackLayout orientation="horizontal"> <ListView [items]="locs"> <ng-template let-item="item"> <CardView ripple="true" class="cardStyle" margin="10" elevation="40" radius="5"> <StackLayout orientation="vertical"> <Image width="80" height="80" stretch="aspectFill" [src]="item.image"></Image> </StackLayout> <StackLayout orientation="vertical"> <FlexLayout> <Label [text]="" fontWeight="Bold"></Label> <Label […]

By vhiguita857
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Data binding not working in a modal dialog when triggered from an ActionItem in a Nativescript Angular project

I have a simple component consists of a list view binding to a string array. When I use ModalDialogService’s showModal method to launch the dialog from my home component, everything works. Screen shot of data binding working in a modal dialog launched from a button on a home component However, if I tried to launch […]

By Antelope
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Eslint "Unsafe return of an `any` typed value."

I import AppModule in main.ts from app.module.ts but Eslint complains "Unsafe return of an any typed value." on platformNativeScript().bootstrapModule(AppModule). How can I properly fix, instead of just silent the error? main.ts import { platformNativeScript, runNativeScriptAngularApp, } from "@nativescript/angular"; import { AppModule } from "./app/app.module"; runNativeScriptAngularApp({ appModuleBootstrap: () => platformNativeScript().bootstrapModule(AppModule), }); app.module.ts import { NgModule, NO_ERRORS_SCHEMA […]

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