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Angularjs different design for mobile and desktop

I want to make 2 different design for my website using AngularJs, I already have both of them in 2 different folder and it work properly, Now I want to combine those two but i’m not really understand how it works, I already try to find some answer from forum and google, but i still can’t understand how to do it. Can anyone explain it to me? And how to build the right app.js for […]

Frequent Flicker on Mobile website built on AngularJS [on hold]

We have created our website on angularJS. Page link as below :,%22west%22:78.15992170000004,%22north%22:17.6078088,%22east%22:78.65616939999995%7D&typeObj=%5B%22All%22%5D On opening this page in mobile it flickers a lot on scrolling. Not able to figure out the issue. Source: AngularJS