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How to get with in array values in ng-options using of angularjs?

Hi all I am trying to get the values as a drop down or select field which were with in the comments array. I am trying for comments array of commentText value in the drop down, how can i do this in the ng-option ?. My Plunker For Example:- I did the drop down ng-option for first without array value. Now i am looking for comments array value of[commentText”: “7A”] in the drop down how […]

How to solve moment not defined error in Angularjs?

all I want to filter the items like (Start and End Date) which are based on invoice_date using the date range functionality in meanjs app. My problem is the date filter function are working perfectly in plunker and my localHost production but while pushing to server it’s showing only up to May month data’s if some invoice_date values date is been `2017-08-24 and 2017-07-27′ these data is not displaying in table, I don’t know where […]