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Triple pendulum simulation is out of control

I’m trying to make a triple pendulum in html5’s canvas element whilst using angular. interface Bob { mass: number; length: number; angle: number; velocity: number; x: number; y: number; acc: number } export class PendulumBobs { private bob1: Bob = { mass: 10, length: 0, angle: Math.PI / 2, velocity: 0, x: 0, y: 0, […]

By Rithish
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Quill Editor with math formula adding feature in Angular

I have Implemented a quill editor in angular. It can style the text message, Add images and video links, etc which works well now As per requirement I may want to add mathematical formulas like this along with the above features. Can anyone please suggest to me an editor for performing this action in angular […]

By jishnu
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How to round number based on decimal point provided in angular 7

Input Number : 3266.528 deciaml Point: 1 output for decimal point (1) : 3266.5 output for decimal point (2) : 3266.53 output for decimal point (3) : 3266.528 output for decimal point (4) : 3266.5280 How to round numbers based on decimal point given as above. Based on input number and decimal point, I would […]

By nishanth
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NgFor index change class every 3 items. Math Problem?

I have 3 css classes which colour a mat-icon which I use in an NgFor of news Items. I want the colours of each item to change on each item in blocks of 3. So I need the 1st and 4th to be the same class the 2nd and 5th and so on. The only […]

By Bwizard
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Add a math virtual keyboard to the Angular project

I’m creating an Angular application, and I’d like to create a virtual mathematical symbols virtual keyboard to allow users to select the math symbols. Because many math symbols are unavailable from the normal keyboards. What I want to achieve is like the screenshots below: enter image description here Source: Angular Questions

By CF7
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Plot a point between 2 locations based on distance

I am using google maps, I have 2 Geocoordinate points for Singapore and Houston. I am trying to plot a point X distance away from Singapore along the same line which is drawn, the issue is we don’t get periodic latitude and longitudes to plot them but just have an ETA and ETD. So the […]

By Karthik Ganesan
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Check if a line drawn intersects or inside the existing polygon on html canvas

Check if a line drawn intersects or inside the existing polygon on html canvas. I have a html canvas and there is polygon (mainly quadrilateral) which is already drawn. Now if a straight line is drawn on the canvas I have to check if it intersects the polygon’s any side or it is inside the […]

By SuryaN
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AngularJS mid-expression rounding

Is there an easy way to do mid-rouding in a math expression? e.g.: {{(0.12 * x | number:0) * (2.4 * y |number:0)|number}} Something like this, but this doesn’t work. Source: New feed Source Url AngularJS mid-expression rounding

By Qfwfq WqfqW
Categorized as angularjs, math, rounding

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